week 3 and 4

Been couple of weeks since last update...

Week 3 Day1 took me 3 attempts to finish it properly. First time was bad choice of day - terrible ice-cold wind!! My lungs were freezing!! so I ran like 3 min then walked 1h. oh well.. better than nothing... got home.. and jumped on my treadmill... my lungs/chest was still hurting so again.. bad choice .. i really should've left it for another day. and Finally !!! i did it! week 3 was very good.. I couldnt wait to move on to week 4 cuz i was getting used to the 3 min run .. but the following one was 90 sec so i was like - well .. i really wanna run for 3 min.. cuz i like it.. ( OMG - did i just say I LIKE RUNNING???) but yes!!! I do !! so here i am Week4 Day1 completed - the last 20-30sec of the final 5 min run were a bit tough but i learned by the last couple of weeks how to distract myself through the pain - i would check the time (20-30sec till the end of the run) and then look around the room (cuz i was on the treadmill) and try to name several objects - picture - who is on it, color of frame, or just reading any words on the advert on TV - anything that can take my mind of the pain for the last few sec. might sound silly but IT WORKS perfectly for me :-D !!

Week 4 day 2 today!!! :-D HALF WAY THERE !!! :-D

MoNi :-)


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10 Replies

  • Well done, can I ask what speeds do you use for walking and running on a treadmill?


  • Hi Stephen , thanks !

    For me i would warm up with 2-2,2kmph, run 3-3,5kmph walk 2,3-2,6kmph walk.Then cool down with 2-1,8kmph


  • it really is about enjoying the run and not going very fast as Laura says cuz that will tire u up and u wont last long on the run.. (if makes sense)

  • I just checked ur background info that u shared on ur Week1 Day1.. 4km walk 6km run.. that seems fast to me.. lol but probably im going slow lol idk.. my treadmill is manual so cant really set speed but i keep eye on it..

  • saying that on my week 1&2 i was going faster than now.. but i learned that for me if i go faster i'll get tired quickly and just give up so i prefer to go lil slower but to make sure i complete my runs (as in time) properly..

  • I have done the same. I too have got slower! The other day I did week4/ run 1 and I was walking at 4kph and running (if you call it running) at 5kph or 2.5 mph and 3mph. I think for me I was over think everything, when I am running at 3mph to me it doesn't feel as if my legs are going through a proper revolution as if when you are sprinting, my feet hardly get off the ground.

    Yesterday I saw someone wearing Kangoo jump boots and I thought they would be fun to try!


  • hahaa that def will give u the illusion ur feet get off the ground .. lol

    about the speed .. my manual says its km per h and not m per hr but 2-3km per h seems slow.. :-/ idk.. could be 2-3mph.. plus it is jogging and not running.. so there is a difference in the speed .. important bit is u r moving n sweating so.. that is the result u really need.. not certain speed (i think) :-) Well done so far! Half way there! :-)

  • My word, you're doing so well. Good ole you. How the heck are you going to feel in a couple of weeks time if you feel this good now. Your little one's going to have a Mum to be so proud of. Well done and keep posting - it's what keeps us all going.

  • Just read the comments below - its def all about keeping going without stopping, even if you're going at a millisecond more than a walk, that's still running. I got really excited on the programme thinking 'Wow, I did that up to that lamp post; next time I'm going to get to the next lamp post - this is going to be really good watching the progress'. Well, as you've found, I was devastated that I didn't even get anywhere near that first lamp post on my next run - I just couldn't believe it. But then I learned that its all about endurance and not stopping. Not speed. Good luck both of you.

  • thank u for the encouragement :-) i really feel positive about my running now.. months ago even the thought of it was annoying and scary but now i really enjoy it. Became like a healthy hobby :) Def I love it because it gradually builds up the strength to reach 5k/30 min..

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