Week 3 Run 1!

Last night I did my first run of week 3!

I know this may sound ridiculous to you guys running for 30 minutes, but for me I am really proud (and surprised!) of myself for being able to run for 3 minutes straight.

I have managed to drag my Dad out with me now!! I think I've got him hooked on running like me hehe! We would catch up every now and again on the run but he is only on week 1 so obviously we didn't run together. It was really great having a partner to motivate me to get out and start the run :)

I have a 5k next Thursday that we have to do with school, so I'm planning on bringing my iPod with me and just doing my run as usual but trying to make my strides bigger so that hopefully in the 30 minutes of walking/running, I can complete the 5k. I'm going to push myself as much as possible, wish me luck guys!! :D

Hope everyone else is doing well :)

~ Olivia


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12 Replies

  • Well done! I've literally (about an hour ago) finished W2R3 and have W3 to start on next week....I have to be honest and say that I'm dreading it as I really dont think I can do 3 mins (but I'll try) so anyone who does it now has my vast respect!

  • How did you do then? :)

  • How lovely that you've persuaded your Dad to give it a go too. Well done on getting this far. I was in your shoes only a couple of weeks ago (seems ages ago now) and, no, it is not ridiculous to be proud of your achievements so far. Far from it. I feel like doing a cartwheel each time, only I can't do them, never could and so would end up in a sorry mess on the road for all to see.

  • Hmmm.. maybe there's a podcast for doing cartwheels? :D

  • What week you on now con-brio? :)

  • Did week 6 run 2 last night. (Yet to blog it... v. tired)

    Looking forward to doing S&F later today.

    Again, good luck with the 5K today.

  • It's been moved! It's now in July haha! Apparently the weather is too bad (fair enough, it is snowing here). But on the positive side, by July I will be able to run the whole thing :)

  • Postscriptum: don't overdo it next week. Good long strides walking, yes, but try not to do any silly sprinting. I got caught out in a storm yesterday so ran faster than normal to get back. Woke today with an aching muscle at the top of my inner left thigh, so am taking 2 days rest before tackling the next run.

    Better safe than sorry.

  • It doesn't sound silly at all Olivia you should be very proud of yourself. :-) We have all been in the same place as you. Keep with the programme and you will be running longer and longer.

    Best of luck with your 5k, take it easy though. :-)

  • Doesn't sound ridiculous at all. You've every right to be proud. Now don't go pushing yourself too hard, it's about the minutes, not the distance. :)

  • Me too. I did W3R1 today and can't believe I managed it. I was absolutely dreading it as the step up in Week 2 from 60 to 90 secs was hard for me (!!!) so am amazed, and buzzing at the fact that I managed it today. Skipping around :)

  • I have just done run 1 of week 3 and I feel on top of the world! Can't believe I managed two lots of 3 minutes and felt like I could do more. Must be the new running shoes lol :-)

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