Couch to 5K

Week 3 - done! :)

So 3rd week completed and very pleased :)

Now that I'm really getting into it lots of questions keep spinning round my mind: Should I be running faster? Have I got the correct sports bra to stop them swinging in the 'figure of 8'!! Should I be running outside instead of on the treadmill? Should I put the treadmill on an incline? But then I think to myself, well, at least I’M DOING IT :) :) :)

Run 1 - Went for a professional trainer fit on Saturday, so ran in my shiny new comfy trainers for the first time and it felt really good, almost like running on air. Didn't enjoy the music on this week's podcast as much as the previous two weeks, but I like how Laura talks to you after 1.5 minutes into the 3 minute run to make it seem not so long. But I didn't have any trouble with it so that was good.

Run 2 - Felt very tired today, had an extremely hectic day the day before and was mentally exhausted. But, got up and did it :) Initially I was tired but about half way in I was energised and started to enjoy it. I had muscle ache in my left leg, almost as bad as when I started the programme, but I've put this down to my new trainers - as they fit better than my old ones, and I was running slightly on the outside of my foot, especially on the left leg, I think I was exercising a different part of my muscles so it should ease up by tomorrow.

Run 3 - Went well today, the ache in my legs has gone and I upped the speed from 7.5k to 7.8k and it didn't feel much different so happy with that speed, I'll up it to 8k I think in a couple of weeks.

I'm loving this programme so much and feel really motivated so I registered to do the Race for Life in July!! :)

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Hey well done you :) wk 4 here we come...


Hi Minuette,

Plenty of time to work on speed once you are doing the full 30 mins.

The sports bra - I'd definitely make sure you get a decent couple as they do make life a bit easier (especially outside!!)

The only other thing I'd say is that somewhere I read that to mimic outside conditions you should put the treadmill on a 1% incline. That isn't a mountain so it should be doable??



woohoo week 4 here you come!

I have my incline set on 1 or 2. it also seems to make a difference with cushioning on your feet (although that could just be in my mind)

sports bra ~ an essential, even for small busted girls. Ive had 5 kids so my chest isnt what it used to be, but I cant stand that feeling that anything is moving, or buldging over the bra. I have just bought a "moving comfort" bra & you can adjust the straps!! it holds me close & doesnt make me look like Im as flat as a pancake :)

definately go bra shopping!


my manly moobs are rapidly shrinking so not considering a sports bra lol

but the above advise is correct get em supported properly

as carole c says speed can wait run relaxed you have enough going on in your noggin atm

keep at it and keep us posted


Thanks everyone :)

I've got a couple of new sports bras and they fit really well so that's good. Re the speed I'm going to keep it at the same speed and wait to increase it until after I've finished, you're right, plenty of time to think of speed later!


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