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Week 3 done!

Hello everyone, just completed wK3 tonight in the wind and rain. Why is it that the wind is against you when running uphill (not a very steep uphill I have to say ) and I've had problems with my hip lately. Doc says it sounds like arthritis but I sometimes wonder if it's a trapped nerve. Does anyone else have this problem? It catches me unawares and, boy oh boy, it hurts!!! Some days I'm holding on to furniture when moving around, other days I don't have a problem at all.

Oh well, doc says I can still jog and that it's important to move and excercise thank goodness.

Looking forward to starting week 4 at weekend.

Hope everyone is alright.

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Well done for going out in the wind and rain! Shows you are committed to it! :)


Wind is the absolute worst (along with hills)! Thank goodness the doc says you can still run. Can't offer any advice but hope it doesn't cause you too many problems. Well done, Week 4 next!


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