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Week 8 done and dusted

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Well I've managed the three runs of week 8 and "now the end is nigh" or is it just the beginning of being a proper runner? Like lots of you I can't believe I can actually run for 28 minutes. It has been so good doing it with the podcasts and reading all the blogs to see how everyone else is doing. My route is through beautiful countryside and tho I've mostly stuck to the same one it's never the same. Yesterday there was a strong cold wind in my face on the way out and at my back on the way home. Lots of sheep and horses and wonderful views stretching for miles, especially with the trees looking so dramatic at the moment. Oh that did all sound lyrical! Good running everyone.

7 Replies
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Fantastic Jan! Just one more week to go and then you will be the owner of your very own badge....

Your running environment sounds wonderful too and I am well jealous, being an urban runner :0(

Good luck for week 9. Sue x

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Yeeeeah Jan!! So GOOD to hear how you're doing. Like me you have a very good place to run :-).

Yep-the end is in sight! So excited for you.

Hope you're going to stick with it and graduate to the stepping stones pods-I can recommend it. I've only done 1 run-last Monday-as I'm full of cold and coughing+++. Laura takes us through, and it will make you into a proper runner, posture, everything is honed. Once i've got it then i intend to move onto Speed, stamina and then a "free runner" day.

Good luck for week 9. Will soon be seeing your Grad badge (takes a fortnight).

Colette x

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WELL DONE YOU! Only 3 more runs and that bright, shiny badge will be all yours! :-) Gayle

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Thanks all of you. No time to run today but will be doing my first 30 minutes tomorrow. How confident I sound! Fingers crossed and hope it's not raining too hard.

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well done from me, too. Hopefully tomorrow will feel much the same as today, two minutes can't make that much difference, then you'll be nearly nearly nearly there. You're inspiring me - also just done week 8 run 3 feeling quite pleased as I did find it hard - i overdid cycling and stuff yesterday - but i made it, if a bit slowly.

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Slow is ok I keep being told. It's running for the time not covering a set distance. Sure we'll get to 5K in time. I'm just amazed I can run for 28 minutes and hopefully 30 minutes. Good running to you. Graduation looms.

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I jealous of your pretty run, but I'm glad you get to enjoy it. :)

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