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W3R3 - Week 3 done :)

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I did the last week 3 run yesterday. I tried a different route and hated it so I'm going back to my previous route next time. I felt really sick after that run. It was so hot and I felt dizzy and sick all the way round. It was 8pm so not even in the middle of the day. I am dreading summer time running. I like the cold (but not the wind). It was another run I hated. Unfortunately my husband came back having loved his run (which made me more miffed!). It took me an hour before I stopped feeling sick afterwards. My magnesium oil arrived so I used it on my legs afterwards. Time will tell if it helps or not. I've not iced my legs in a few days and they seem ok at the minute. My yurbuds earphones came but again they are too big for my diddy ears so fell out - admittedly they stayed in longer than my other earphones, but combined with the fact that the sound quality was abismal and when the wind got up I couldn't hear ANYTHING of the podcast without holding them pushed into my ear I won't be keeping them. Anyhow, not a cheery post, but it wasn't a cheery run. On a plus point, THAT'S WEEK 3 COMPLETED!!!! Bring on week 4!

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Well done oncompleting  the run despite difficulties ☺

I have the same problems with my earphones when I use them , it is a rightn pain keep pushing and holding them in ! 

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You did it... well done. Courage in adversity!

You earphones sound a pain.. mine stayed in today though! Just go, as ever, slow and steady. even slower when it is warm... you can do this..!

"Breathe in. breath out.. move onwards" :)

Well done, Miller2, another week's in the bag! You're doing so well. The heat is definitely going to be troublesome for me too. My strategy is to go out as early as possible.

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You finished another week! Great! It' s good you finished even you didn't fell good! Be proud!

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Well done for sticking to it! Are you sure you're not pushing yourself too hard especially in this heat? I find running makes me very hot anyway and this weather, though lovely, is really tough for me. One thing I do is to put a cold wet flannel into a small polythene bag and stick it in my pocket. When the heat is too much, it's just the job for cooling my face!

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JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to dottiemay

Good idea - might swipe that!

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Miller2 in reply to dottiemay

I might do that too! I went just as slowly as normal (probably even slower in the heat). I'm hoping it was just a one off. Might run on Tuesday this week (it's due to be raining!).

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Oh dear, but are you twisting the Yurbuds in correctly? Just return them and how about trying some Earcandi on an ordinary pair?


I love the magnesium spray, aches be gone!

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Miller2 in reply to LonelyWalker

I followed the instructions for twisting them in. They were better than my normal ones for staying in,  but still fell out and combined with the other negatives for them they were just a bit of a. Pain in the arse, especially when the wind got up and I had to run with my hands over my ears so I could still hear the podcast.  I'm starting to think I have freakishly small ears! Once I've completed week 9 I'm just going to sack off music and go with the local bird song and road noise I think. 

I just did what I said I wouldn't do an looked ahead at week 4. I want to cry.... 

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Due to the windchill today I used a head/ear band to keep my ears warm and my ear buds were very securely in place, perhaps that'll help? Well done on completing W3, I completed it today. Bring on W4! Good luck and hope it's less troublesome next week!

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