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W4R2 Hardest run ever!

London was cold and rainy this morning, but I decided that wasn't stopping me, 'I can finally wear that amazing raincoat I bought for the Andes and never used' I thought. Well I have found out it is perfect to keep you dry but you definitely need less layers underneath.My period started last night, I am bloated and cranky, that didn't help either.

Despite all this, I was excited for this run, I was more confident than last Monday, and I think that was what the problem, overconfidence. I think I started the first 3 minutes too fast, by the end I was exhausted and hot, when I went to the 5 minutes I was so discouraged I almost gave up, my body wasn't responding, I was uncomfortable, hot and the rain was pouring over me. I could only think of how miserable I was. And then Laura said 'only 60 seconds left' I put myself together and focused on my breathing. I made it half way through.

Once you make it this far it is really pointless to give up isn't it? The second half of the run wasn't that bad, I think by then I accepted the idea that today was going to be awful like this so I kept going, slow and steady, and tried to find distractions along the way. This way I managed to finish it, hope on Friday at least it doesn't rain!

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Sometimes a bad run just gives you a kick in the wotsits! There are many more upsides than downsides to this run tho... you were not feeling so brilliant. Still ran. You were overheating. Still ran. You were being rained on. Still ran.

Feeling miserable. Kept going. At the point of giving up... kept going... I could go on!

You made it through even with all that. That's called courage (and discipline) and your running legs have had another outing.

Well done on toughing it out. The next one will hopefully be much much better. Hope you get a dry day for number 3.😊😊


Thank you! I hope Friday will be better, at least I'm not making the same mistakes!


Well done for keeping going despite everything!!!

Fingers crossed for dry weather next time! :)

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Amazing raincoat? I have a lovely image of you running in a gabardine mackintosh. Gives a whole new meaning to "there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing"!

Well done, you got to the end of the run so the next one should be easier.


haha! English is not my first language as you might have noticed... it is one of those light, rain proof sport jackets, although I would have been so stylish with a gabardine...


I don't know what your native language is but don't worry about the English. We often say some odd things on here and it's great falling about laughing.

Incidentally I saw a youngPpolish Lady who works in local shop who was also out running. I managed to say "Czes'c" hello in Polish.

I have been learning some Polish but when I tried to ask "Do you do discount for pensioners" they fell about laughing in the shop !! I still don't know why ??

So there you go !!

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Well done yaskas 😊

Totally agree with McFitty you showed courage and discipline and finished your run.😊

Good luck next time out.😊x


My husband would call that a 'boil in the bag'jacket! It's best to have waterproofs with some kind of vent at the underarm or you are just going to cook!!

You made it through though, well done!! :)

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