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Week 7 Run 2 nearly didn't happen


I decided to go out today when there was a break in the rain. However when I got out of my car at the usual place..open fields and sea I hadn't realised how strong the wind was and I was going to be running against it for the first half of the run before I could turn and head back. I almost decided not to bother but I thought I'd give it a go and see how far I could get and if not, I'd put it down as a practice run . It was hard work, I got ear ache in my right ear but plodded along. I reached 5 minutes and thought yep I'll keep going....12 and a half minutes came and I thought still keep going. So eventually I reached the point of half way and turned back so now I had the wind behind me which was tons better! :)

Now it was my left ear taking the brunt of the wind then it started raining quite heavy but I can say it wasn't actually too unpleasant. The ear ache was worse but I put the hood of my long sleeve top up and it helped loads.

Remembered my pedometer today which logged at 3.09...I think it was the wind helping me along on the way back :)

I need to start doing the strengthening and flex exercises as tonight my back is aching along with stiff legs.

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Well done for even getting out there ! I was lucky and picked right time to go out in great sunshine on my face.

debzeGraduate in reply to Hidden

ooh lucky you! horrible and raining here allday :)


Sounds like a great run, well done for sticking with it 😀🏃🏻‍♀️

debzeGraduate in reply to Millsie-J

Thank you! Yep, I'm glad I did :)

Never easy in the wind but always helps if it's behind you giving a bit of a push. Time for ear warmers by the sound of it. Well done on finishing 😀

debzeGraduate in reply to OldPossum

Thanks yes I need some of those, I always suffer with ear ache in the wind...not nice!


Well done debze. That's the spirit! Don't let a bit of wind or rain get in the way of completing C25K. :) It sounds like you've got this running lark well and truly cracked. One more run and you're onto week 8 with me. (I have my first one tomorrow).

debzeGraduate in reply to Lee337

Thank you! Yep I'm really starting to enjoy it and I think if I can't get out I miss it. Good luck on week 8! you will be fine :) rest day for me tomorrow :)

Cuig1975 in reply to Lee337

I'm with you on that one Lee337 planning on heading out in the morning early ... Slow and steady usually takes me 10 mins or more to settle into rhythm

Lee337Graduate in reply to Cuig1975

Good luck with it! Cuig1975 :)

Oh sounded rough well done for getting out there , I've been blessed with good weather since I started .... Think there was only one wet day when I was running

debzeGraduate in reply to Cuig1975

Thanks! I find it takes me about 5 to 10 mins to settle into the rug too...legs seem to feel heavy earlier on


Well done🌟As it is hard going in the wind never mind the rain as well! That's dedication 😊X

debzeGraduate in reply to Pc59

Thanks! just keep going and going lol


Well done! Wind is a problem for me sometimes living on the coast, so congratulations for a great run!

debzeGraduate in reply to Von99

thank you! I think I need to find somewhere a bit more sheltered :)


Well done debze! Good on you for braving the wind and rain and getting on with it! You've overcome one of those big challenges we face as learner runners and are definitely stronger for it - and closer to graduating! Hope you get to rest up with a hot water bottle or heat pad for tonight before moving forwards to R3. Nearly there!

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