W4R2 - Completed - I think?

Week 4 run 2. The first 3 minute run was unpleasant, but by the time the 2nd run came round (a 5 minute run) it wasn't so bad. I think you need the first run to get your legs warmed up to actual running. Then there was what I think was a 2 minute or 90 second walk. I say I think, my MP3 player died. That's what happens when you don't charge it I suppose!!! Fortunately I did the same route last run, and I knew where I started the next 3 minute run. I carried on walking to that same point, then looked at my watch and started running for about 3 minutes. I couldn't remember the length of the next walk, but I think it was meant to be 90 seconds. That is what I did anyway. Then I did a 5 minute run and then walked home. I have decided that I definitely like running with music on. Aside from the morons I have encountered (I didn't get any today) it turns out it also drowns out the sound of a huffing and puffing elephant, oh wait, that was me!

Anyhow, I could have given up and gone home, but I didn't. I tried to remember the length of the runs and walks and got on with it as best as I could.

Legs are totally knackered now so as usual I've done a load of stretches (more than normal) and iced them a bit. Hopefully they will stop aching by the time I go to bed.

That's it, one run left of week 4 and then onwards and upwards...

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  • Well done! You did not give up despite technical difficulties. It would have been the perfect excuse to go back to the couch - but you've got the bug, if I'm not mistaken, so nothing's going to keep you there on the ๐Ÿ›‹

  • Don't worry, you'll do fine on W5 I'm sure, elephants sounds did make me laugh though! My next run tomorrow is W5R3 - GULP!

  • Brilliant Miller - well done!

  • Well done you. keep on.. steady as you go. You are doing just fine and you will get there :)

  • I totally agree about that first 3 min walk, as I thought exactly the same thing! Well done for keeping going :)

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