Physio Update

Went to see my physio this morning and she confirmed that, as I suspected, I have Plantar Fasciitis :-(

She did some ultrasound and massage and has given me some specific exercises to do and said that I'm fine to use the cross-trainer but no running for the time being. She also suggested that I wear my running shoes as much as possible as they're really supportive so will help. They are very comfortable but wearing them does rub salt into the wound of not being able to run!!

She didn't want to be drawn on when I might be able to run again, but I'm going to see her again in a fortnight so will ensure I do my exercises very diligently between now and then.


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9 Replies

  • So sorry to hear. One (small) consolation is that you can at least use the cross-trainer. I have a personal trainer in my gym every week or two - essentially to bully me a bit - and he's quite adamant that even if you want to run it's essential to have a strong core. Though maybe that's because I "threatened" him with going for a run with me instead of staying in the gym, with him just idly standing there and telling ME what to do! Seriously though, why not try to make use of the time with a mix of cross-trainer and core work? Please keep posting.

  • Thank you. I'll definitely keep posting - you don't get rid of me that easily!!! I need to keep an eye on you and that Parkrun goal. I'd hope to do one at the same time but will have to see how things go. I plan to book a session with a personal trainer at the gym to come up with a new plan which will keep me on track with other cardio and core stuff so when my heel is better I will helpfully be able to pick up the running without too much trouble. I like the idea of you keeping your PT on his toes!!

  • One of my colleagues had plantar fasciitis. He went through a bunch of physio, and some assessment on his running style. With some major tweaks to how he runs, he is now back up and running with no issues.

  • That's interesting. Did he come up with the tweaks to how he runs himself or with a Physio?

  • It was with a physio that specialized in runners. He was thrilled to say the least.

  • Think I'm going to be told something similar! I was due to do the dreaded 20 minute run (week 5, run 3) tomorrow but my inner right ankle is incredibly painful...think it rolls over a lot as I have Cerebral PLsy and I know the ankle is very weak. I hate giving in, albeit temporarily, especially as I was starting to lose a few pounds, but the idea of doing permanent damage is worse. I need to see a physio...How did you go about getting an appointment?

  • If it's sore you should definitely get it checked out. I'd probably visit the GP first off, and they can refer you to an NHS Physio if they think that's what required. I think the wait in the NHS can be a bit variable though, so you might decide it's worth going private. In which case your GP can probably make a recommendation.

    For the longer term I really recommend getting well fitting running shoes if you can. If you go to a proper running shop they'll video you running on a treadmill with lots of different shoes to find the best ones to give you the support you require. It's not nearly as daunting as it sounds. The shop I went to were really lovely and had no problem with me trying on half the shop!!

  • Chinup Sarah, I get it a bit, have it in the morning when I get up then it goes away as morning goes on then also get it in ball of foot. I keep gently stretching toes & achilles, heel drops on the stairs, are you doing those, I'm managing at the moment and still able to run, it should get better, keep gently working on it.😊

  • Thanks Dave. Mine significantly worse in the morning too, but fortunately it stays in the heel and doesn't get up to the ball if the foot. Heel drops are one of the excercies along with some different calf stretches and strengthening excercises. At the moment even just a couple of steps running is too painful, but hopefully I'll get back on track.

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