A new Super Hero; my physio,

A new Super Hero; my physio,

I have been running now for almost 18 months, I have done quite a few events including a couple of 10k, and am aiming to increase to 10miles for a March 2018 event to celebrate my 61st birthday.

Over the past couple of weeks I have noticed a niggle in my knee. It mends after a couple of rest days so hasn’t stopped me running but is pretty consistent post run.

So I decided I would see a physio who specialises in running issues and thought better sooner than later. I am so glad I did.

He was very thorough, did a very full assessment. The good news is he said I have a very good range of movement, have good core strength ( I was amazed but pleased at that), and there is no obvious joint problems, so I have everything I need to run. Clearly the running, stretching, yoga and Pilates isn’t doing any harm,

The not so good news is that he found my less than good technique puts added pressure on to my knees. I over pronate and my support shoes are doing a pretty good job in guarding against it but I need to do more myself. So I have a set of exercises which I have been following to the letter. And I need to focus, focus, focus on technique. I have taken a week off all running, and will see him again this week to further review. We will also decide if my shoes need more support.

I am delighted with the outcome, and already can feel an improvement. But won’t know for sure that things are better until I begin running again. I am however feeling pretty confident that with his help I will continue to be a runner and will get to that 10 mile distance, slow and steady.

So for anyone who has ongoing knee pain, please do not run through it. Seek advice at an early stage. The injury couch is not a good place to be.


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11 Replies

  • Excellent news.

  • Thank you! Not sure I shall be able to do my planned 5k Trail Run event next weekend yet but we will see.

  • Rest up and fingers crossed:)x

  • Fingers crossed🤞

  • Let's hear it for the allied health professionals! My podiatrist sorted out my runner's toenail :-)

  • We will have to come up with Superhero names for each of the AHP disciplines 😃

  • Knees...........who needs 'em?

    Well, I suppose we all do and they need looking after.

    What are you changing about your technique, Jacs?

    Hope it goes well, keep us posted.

    Best wishes.

  • I am following a set of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles around the knees, particularly the inner knee, also the glutes , the ankles etc. Stretching the hamstrings directly behind the knee, because they are v unhappy, due to poor technique they take a hit ! But I need to be more upright and use better the outer edges (on the base) of the feet more than I do, ( I really do roll the foot) and also need to activate the glutes.....basically I am too floppy.....even though I have decent core strength and gluts, Im not really using these in my runs. Also when I am walking.... seems I may never have walked very well......although I do a lot of walking😳

    I need to be more mindful of the whole approach, running easy doesn’t mean running badly I guess.

    I can do this! I shall run tall. Maybe I might get a bit quicker too????

  • Great post.. totally agree :) Glad all is improving for you too:)

    My physio was a hero too : Plus the fact that he was so good looking almost, almost, made up for the discomfort in the first session :) x

  • That is good news Jacs..a good positive outcome. Hopefully all will be sorted in the next few weeks. 😊x

  • I hope so Jan. Lets see what this week brings, fingers crossed.

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