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Saw a physio today :-(

Well at least I got some answers, which I am pleased about. My calf muscles are so tight, I have shin splints....and I can't run for 2 weeks minimum! I'm slightly flat footed too but seem to have the correct neutral shoes....will reserve judgement on that one.

I had put myself into a Google early grave (as you do) and convinced myself I had stress fractures in both shins but it's not quite that bad. The physio said it's quite easy to sort but I MUST rest. I'm on school hols next week and was going to do some mega running, but instead I'll be sitting on my arse frustrated!

Anyway, I had some ultrasound treatment - not quite convinced on that one, but she claims it works - and next week I'll have a full written plan of exercises at home, a sports massage (yeouch) and she'll tape up my legs.

That's all for now folks. *sigh*

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Oh no - poor you! I'm currently on the injury couch and taking full advantage - I've just had 2 large sherries! Hic!

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Half term has come at a good time for you!! I hope you get it sorted and can get back to your girls soon next half term. It is a good opportunity for you to tell them about injury risk and why C25k is structured in the way it is. Good luck.


Thanks...yes I will tell the girls. The physio said shin splints is more common in children...felt a bit bad about that. Ha ha!!!


Well you're obviously young at heart then! Marvellous what you're doing with the girls - the right teachers can be so inspirational and set up children on the right path for life. Well done - and join the sherry brigade for now!


Ouch, poor you! But at least you're in treatment now, and it isn't quite as serious as you had feared. You *will* get through this, and you will come out stronger and faster and more motivated. So chin up, it'll be fine. I promise :)


Thanks, I know I'll get through it but not sure my weight loss plan will now. First real rest day and what's the first thing I do??? Eat a pot noodle and brownies. Dirty bitch!!!! (He he)


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