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Hurray - physio can't find any permanent damage to knee(s)

Went to the physio last night about knees and found out 2 things:

1) I have very ticklish knees

2) he can detect no permanent or severe damage in joint


I also got a very detailed description of why being flat-footed can really knacker your knee and a bunch of quad strengthening exercises to do

Best of all he can't see any reason why I can't pick up running next week where I left off (at week 4 run 3) provided I can do various exercises such as 15 1-legged knee squats holding for 10 seconds at 15 degrees without pain.

Now I am just fidgeting waiting to do my next bout of physio exercises so I can finish week 4 and start week 5 and do that 20 minute run - my inner fatty is disgusted.

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Hey can you post those exercises up or PM them to me ? I have been out now for two weeks today with bad knees it happened on my w1-r3,it was so bad i could not even get up forget about walking, and steps they where just out of the question,my right knee is feeling good but not 100% more like 75% my left knee is about only 50% better after 2 weeks.I also suffer from flat feet back in 2010 i had Plantar fascia release surgery on both feet and as a result my arches have fallen,So when my knees are better i am going to have my Gait Analyzed at the sports store and invest on the proper shoes hopefully that will help. I never new about gait or how flat feet can hurt the knees ether.I just pushed my self thru the runs with the pain until it was to much to handle not knowing that i was doing major damage to my knees and all it did was lay me out for 2+ weeks and counting along with major pain and a broken ego.So any info you have please share Thank you.


great news & ditto passing on info as son suffers too, thanks



First of all I would recommend seeing a physiotherapist, preferably one recommended by someone you know. Although 30 or 40 pounds may seem a lot of money for a session, I certainly found that it has been worth it.

If you aren't able to see a physio, then the YouTube videos by nhsboltonphysio on the theme of knee strengthening look very similar to what he advised me to do.

The first exercise he asked me to do was sitting on the edge of the bed raising and holding my leg out straight for 5 seconds with my foot pointing straight up at the 12 o'clock position then after 5 seconds turning my foot out to the 10 or 2 o'clock position for another 5 seconds for 5 reps each leg. I can't find a video exactly like this exercise but this is pretty close.

The second exercise is similar, but this time lying on the bed with the leg tensed to point the toes towards the ceiling then raise the leg to 45 degrees with the toes still pointing at the ceiling, hold for 5 seconds then turn the foot outwards to the 10 o'clock position (or 2 o'clock for the right leg) again holding for 5 seconds with 5 repetitions.

The third exercise are VMO wall squats. I have found a link on youtube to a very similar exercise to the one he showed me which I think has all the essentials. I was advised to do this for 3 reps holding for up to 10 seconds at 20 to 45 degrees.

The 4th exercise is a single leg squat to 15 degrees, 5 reps for each leg holding for 3 seconds. The important thing with this exercise is to make sure that as your knee goes down it stays in line with your foot and doesn't veer off to one side.

He also recommended that I do a quad/ITB stretch like this one before running.

I hope these are of use, but I can't overemphasise how reassuring it was to discuss my issues with a physio.


thanks mattaitch :)


If you are in the UK and are worried about your knees, go and see your GP who can send you to a physio and it won't cost you anything.


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