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Physio in the morning, fingers crossed I can start running again!!


Trouble is can I really face starting from scratch yet again, not even 3rd time it will be my 4th!! Have been really good and rested my PF done the stretch exercises religiously while on holiday, it really pained me not being able to run along the sea front. Here's hoping that things will be good tomorrow. Happy running everyone.

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Oh dear Oldgirl, Great sympathy coming your way! Pleased you've kept to the advice and been good. We don't really have a choice with it do we? I haven't run for 3 months now and I am resigned to the prospect of having to start all over again. BUT! we know it is all doable don't we? I was told not to run until I am pain free. I can do very tentative heel raising and dropping on the stairs but not totally pain free yet.

I have just booked to volunteer at Leeds morun in November. I think it will help to keep my interest up!

GOOD LUCK AT THE PHYSIO! Will keep everything crossed for you too!

Here's wishing you well again! Linda :) :) :)

OldgirlGraduate in reply to Beek

I have to say Linda this will be my last time, any more lay offs and I am just going to hang up my running shoes and just gym and swim. :(

BeekGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Very understandable after all the setbacks you've had. Swimming is pretty good - in your fantastic pool! Never say never, though!

walettaGraduate in reply to Beek

Really sorry you've both been laid off so long. Good luck with getting back to it.

Rockette in reply to Beek

Good luck for the physio. I can imagine how you feel oldgirl having to re do it again , I felt the same & it was only my second time not my fourth ! Fingers crossed for you , good luck


I hope all is well and that you get the all clear to run again. Not running is like torture isn't it. I hope you won't have lost too much ground Old Girl and that you'll quickky get back to your former fitness

Good luck. Sending positive vibes your way ((((((((((((())))))))))))


Ooh. All the best for the physio. I really hope you get the all clear. X


Good luck Oldgirl, hope all goes well for you and that you can get back to running soonest! x

Good luck with the recovery. I'm on an injury break too so I know your frustration. I'm dying to run again. We'll get back on track again I'm sure!!!!


you are amazing, and such an inspiration Oldgirl, your grit and determination always shines through and has certainly kept me going when it gets tough...Your passion for running is so strong that will keep you focussed even though you have to start again.....I will be thinking of you today, I so hope it goes well.... :)


Even the top athletes get laid off through injury. You can come back. Slow and steady and enjoy the journey. Even short slow runs can be fun!

OldgirlGraduate in reply to turnturtle

I'm an expert at short slow runs turnturtle ;)


Got everything crossed for you Oldgirl - hope physio goes well and you can get your running shoes back on soon! I agree with juicyju - you are an inspiration! Best wishes x

Agree with all the above - you are an inspiration to so many of us - do let us know how you get on x


Good luck Oldgirl. I've been fretting and fretting over not having run for at least two weeks and barely run for four while I've been having some osteopathic treatment and trying to recover from hip and knee pain along with some Achilles tendonitis. Yesterday, I went for a run, dreading it, and to my surprise it was fine! Breathing no problem, run felt smooth and with plenty of energy, no stiffness after and I thought again how easy it is to beat yourself up and think you'll never recover your fitness when actually resting and getting treatment if you need it, actually helps the body heal.

OldgirlGraduate in reply to AnnieF

Well done Annie its a bit daunting getting back out there after a spell of being off, its good that you have managed your first run without any negative results. Take it easy and all the best for a trouble free time for you.


Thanks Oldgirl, all the best to you too.

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