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Starting all over again... demoralising!

Hi all,

I graduated in July and had just started running 3 x 30 mins a week and feeling very good about myself when disaster struck. I got bad pain in my knees and realised I had ITB syndrome. I took a few weeks off, tried some exercises/stretches a friend with the same problem recommended and tried a couple of 10 min runs but the problem wasn't going away. Eventually I admitted defeat and went to see a chiropractor. Turned out I had a weak arch on one foot and tight hip flexors, which together were causing the issues. He prescribed more time off running and lots of exercises, painful massage and insoles for my shoes.

Last week he gave me the go-ahead to try some very gentle runs again and suggested I combined running and walking to begin with, so I asked if I should start C25K again. He said he thought this was a good idea as hopefully the exercises will strengthen the right muscles as I build up distance/time running. It will help me get my fitness back too as it has been about two months since I was running regularly.

So I am doing W1R3 tomorrow. I spend the entire run obsessively worrying about the slightest sensation in my knees and I am really anxious about being able to get back to pain-free running. I am also paranoid about having put weight on since not being able to run... my other exercise of choice was my exercise bike but apparently overusing that is what has made my flexors so tight so it's a no-no!

It is very demoralising to have to start over... support (and happy ITB-recovery stories) very welcome!

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Sorry to hear you have been out with an injury but your back now so good luck. The same happened to me last year but was back and hip and I was off for 3 months, redid C25K and graduated again so stay strong, take it steady and all should be well. Wishing you good luck, keep us posted on your progress.


You're back, that's brilliant and you will do it again! Good luck ;)


You're back, that's super, well done! I'm back too -- only after 6 weeks, but so what? It isn't a race Pip_Pop. Take it easy, keep healthy, keep running and GOOD LUCK!


You're still running, that's the main thing, and I'm sure the structure of the programme will help you build your muscles in the right way now. Let us know how you get on and good luck!


Welcome back, pip_pop!! I wish you the very best with your injury and your return!! Slow and easy!!


I will be doing the journey again with you as I have been out 12 weeks just started back today shattered but pleased.


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