W4 R3 done ( finally )

Well, after a couple of rest days.....lead legs, cold and any excuse I could come up with🙄 I set out today to complete w4

I was dreading the 5 minute runs, I've found them hard, but the first one was ok, just ok I might add😉 In fact I think I found the first 3 minutes harder🤔

Next 3 minutes pass, pretty easily🙂

Ok Laura, I'm not going to give up now, bring it on!!! I've done 5 minutes lots now I can do it again👍

Why is it, that when you get cocky the running gods decide to have a giggle at your expense 😬😂????

The last 5 minutes start, I've got a lovely long, straight, flat path ahead. I wonder to myself, how far is that gate, can I make it in 5?

It's a local park.

Just about one minute in, along my lovely path, a bloke and two dogs join me from the other end, my gate! Ok, I thought, you need to start getting used to running past people, man up girl😂

At that point this dog starts legging it towards me, I can now see it's a staffy. Ok, staffies are cool dogs. What concerned me was the way the owner was stressing because it wasn't going back to him😱 At that point I stopped, dog upon me, the little guy just wanted to get me muddy and play!!!! Phew!!!!!!!!!! ( owner apologised👍)

Anyway apart from approx 30 seconds while I thought I was going to get eaten alive, I did it🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

W5 here I come🤓🌶


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13 Replies

  • We'll definitely let you off those 30 sec! Well done :) On to week 5 now...

  • Thanks Rainbow, I did wonder if it classed as , not finished ? That cute, scary, doggy just wanted to run with me😂

  • It's up to you really. If you feel that without that short break there's no way you'd have made it to the end, then maybe it wasn't completed. But stopping to make sure you weren't about to be eaten by the scary pup is a different matter. If you made it to the end after that (even if you were very glad when Laura said stop!), that sounds good to me :)

  • Oh I smashed it, scary pup or not, I for the first time felt like a runner😀👍

  • Very well done.. braving the weather, the public and the wild dog encountered on route :)

    So..you did it.. onward and upward... :)

  • Brilliant! As Oldfloss said: well done for braving the weather... I'm meant to be going out this morning - it's really mucky out there and I'm warming my big girl pants on the radiator as we speak!

  • Well done. W5 is a bit of a milestone - and once you complete it you'll find you can run for longer. We're rooting for you and we're here if you need us. 🐢👣🏃🏿

  • Tee hee, well done! Eventful :) runs might take your mind of the task ahead. All I encounter is cars and tractors passing by :o ...xx

  • With me..it is pheasants.. and once a badger.. don't know who was more surprised :)

  • Great stuff Jalapenolover101..😊

    Good luck with week 5 you have this...

    Its a special week.xx

  • Excellent well done, despite the pup interlude. Onwards to W5 you can do it :D

  • Well done, W4R1 beckons me tonight so I am procrastinating on here.. My fella did a week 3 run and trotted past a friendly looking wee dog on an extendable lead (I have mixed feelings about those). the dog promptly nipped him on his calf and drew blood !

  • Oh no😟 I think the little ones are worse than the big ones sometimes🙄 We have a dog but I am a bit nervous of them, especially off the lead running 100 miles an hour towards you😳

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