Feeling really sorry for myself

I was dealing okay with my cold- going out for really gentle jogs and still feeling okay. It certainly wasn't making me feel like I was making everything worse anyway.

And then I slipped on that *expletive deleted* ice and it's like my body couldn't cope with another thing to look after so my cold has exploded into this horrible runny nosed coughing monster of a thing :(

The coughing, especially, is not helped by the fact that my back feels like one big bruise.

And. And.

Everyone else is having fun on their runs without me and it isn't fair!


*blows nose*

*tries not to cough*


*says 'ow' in a tiny voice*


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17 Replies

  • Oh Maddee, I'm sorry you're feeling so wretched, and there was me having fun on a run this morning. I hope you manage to shake this cold thing off soon. Is someone at home looking after you and making a fuss of you? It's what you need.

    Once you shake this off you'll be back out there running with the rest of us, I'm sure.

    Tuck up, keep warm, and get well soon. 🤒🤧

  • Thanks.

    You have fun, I shall live vicariously through you! ☺

    Nope. No-one here to look after me, though Bella Spaniel is trying her best to keep me warm and suggled, and being very patient about getting her walks late and a bit short. Husband has only just got back into the country this morning, and I'm not expecting him home till Wednesday. Daughter came and helped me get some shopping in etc. So I have plenty of soup 😉but she has a young baby and I'd rather he didn't get nanny's lurgy.

  • Rest, relax, recouperate! You will be back before you know it. Take extra special care of yourself.......at times like these hot chocalate is a definite requirement! 😒

  • Will do! Think I'll stick to the hot lemon and honey for now, and save the hot chocolate for when I'm better.

  • "ow in a tiny voice" Oh I feel for you *makes soothing noises*. It is leaden skies and drippy drippy out there this morning, so if it's any consolation, less enjoyable! Please look after yourself, especially if you bruised your back in the tumble. Try and enjoy your enforced rest. Sending big hugs. And you're a better person than me (I wouldn't have deleted the expletive) ;) Get better soon x

  • I've done a very slow wall with the dog while wrapped up to the eyeballs. It is very drippt out there, isn't it.

    Going to catch up with some knitting in a bit.

  • Walk. Not wall :s

  • awwwww :( I hate having colds too, so send LOTS of sympathy for both that and the bruised back. :(

    I can also sympathise about wanting to run and not being able to - I haven't since last Wednesday, as I twisted my ankle on Thursday. It's feeling fine again now (at last!), but I can't run tonight as I run Brownies straight after work, and won't have any energy to run after that! Tomorrow... roll on tomorrow - and I hope you're on the mend very soon!

  • Thanks. Take care with your ankle when you do go out!

  • Will do :) Knitting sounds like a good way to pass the afternoon, as long as it's nothing too complicated. I've learned the hard way about doing intricate patterns while not feeling well. And I'm very good at unpicking! ;)

  • I know what you mean, knitting when tired or ill can be a nightmare.

  • Illness and injury are just the worst! As if feeling rubbish isn't bad enough, you start seeing runners everywhere you go (why does it feel like they suddenly come out in waves when you can't run?)! I totally sympathise, not being able to run is horrid and feeling like everyone in the world is having fun running while you can't is just miserable. At least you know for a fact you'll be back out there when you are able to seeing as you're missing it so much. Why don't you look at running gear and buy yourself something exciting for when you're back to it? That helped me look forward to getting back to it when I was injured. Or perhaps help out other runners by logging some of your usual routes on walkjogrun.net? Or look up some new routes for yourself?

    Wrap up warm and sending you wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Tell me about it! The canicross group I belong to had 2 runs over the weekend - one of which I was meant to go on - and the pictures went on FB make it look like they had the most fun EVER!

    I admit that I have been researching non trail running shoes.

    Didn't know about walkjogrun, I shall go and investigate.

  • Massive hug ..but gentle. I totally sympathise :)

    These pesky germs are a real pest... but, you need to look after yourself.. slipping on ice... not good!!! Your poor back.


    Lots of warm baths or hot showers

    Nivea all around your sore nose

    Snuggly warm blankie and big comfy cushions

    Warm drinks to soothe that throat

    Honey and lemon for the cough

    Plus.. I will take you with me on my run tomorrow... and we will enjoy it together :)

    Feel better soon xxx

  • It will be lovely to be taken on your run with you. Thank you <3

  • I took you... and you did 8 K.... slow though it was... It was a good run !

    Well done you xxxxxxxxxxx Hope you are feeling more like it ! :)

  • Ooh, my tip for avoiding a sort nose when you have a cold: use baby wipes instead of tissues. Much softer, just as effective, and they moisturise at the same time!

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