Feeling sorry for myself

Gorgeous, mild last day in September, leaves are changing colour, sunny skies and NO wind or rain; it is my W9R2 day and I am stuck inside with my duvet, sore head, stuffed nose, sneezing, sore jaw, sleep deprived, eyes streaming and scratchy throat :( So annoyed that I can't run. Hoping others are out enjoying the lovely day :)

Meanwhile I am recooperating on the couch so I can be fighting fit to graduate later this week.

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  • I feel your pain, I woke up this morning feeling the same :-( I ran yesterday and don't start week 5 till Tuesday, which by that time I hope to feel better.

  • Its really hard isnt it - you know you are not well enough to run but you are desperate to do so! This cult is really taking us over!!

    I'm feeling a bit like that today too but maybe not as bad so am hoping to still do my run tomorrow.

    I hope you feel better soon and get to graduate this week as you plan - that will be fantastic and the best medicine!

  • I Know how you feel, I've felt like that since yesterday. When I set off for my run yesterday my throat was sore, but I was determined as it was my graduation run. I made it to the end of my run OK, but when I set off to walk back to the car my knee was very painful, and aches started everywhere else started soon after, so maybe I should have delayed my run.

    Hope Everyone recovers quickly.

  • How frustrating! Rest up so you can come back fighting fit for your final runs!

  • So close! Here is hoping for a quick recovery so that you can get out there and finish (only 2 more runs to go - good for you) . Feel better soon!

  • Take care of yourself. You'll be back out there and graduating in no time. Your health is more important than anything.

  • Sick during grad week! Yuck!!! I hope you can get some rest and then take on those runs with a passion! Almost there!!!!!! :-)

  • Bad luck Newbie but hey, these things are sent to try us and you'll be fighting fit very soon.

  • Oh no, Newbie!! What terrible timing, graduation is right around the corner!! I hope that you have a quick recovery and two awesome runs leading up to your graduation "badge!!"

  • Thanks everyone for all your support and encouragement :)

    I'm still feeling horrible but I'm resting and relaxing as much as possible. I might try a walk tomorrow depending on how I'm feeling and try to get back on track for Thursday. I guess it's just the time of year for these things and something that if I want to continue running, I'll have to contend with in the future too!

  • fingers crossed you feel better by then. Its apparently ok to run with a cold, if you feel up to it, but not if you have a high temperature, so do make sure you are well enough. I think I went back to it too soon after my heavy chesty cough and cold last week, so I'd advise you to make the most of a couple of days rest to properly recover.

  • Thanks vixiej, I've had a really heavy cold which has completely knocked me for 6, otherwise I'd def be out there :) I thought I'd be well enough for a walk today, but no joy. Will have an early night tonight and test the waters tomorrow. So close to the end but I know it is more important to be fully well before doing my final 2 (pr however many it takes) runs.

  • I'll have my fingers crossed for you tomorrow, don't rush into it though if you're not feeling 100%. Once you've recovered you can enjoy your final 2 runs of the programme. Horrible colds can really knock you for six.

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