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Feeling a bit low and sorry for myself!

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Well, hello all......

I've had a bit of a rough time lately and it's left me feeling a bit low. I had intentions of starting week 5 at the weekend but felt too tired after work and I've also had toothache for 2 weeks which ended yesterday when I had the thing pulled out and last night I had the mother of all migraines which has left a nausea feeling all day and this has all followed a recent spell of the good old stomach bug and then a cold! It's just been one thing after another. I wanted to go out for my week 5 run 1 tonight but still feel a bit 'not right' so now I have to postpone that until tomorrow. I'm frightened now that I will feel too low to bother or that after a week I will find the next step too much!

I know other runners have had to put up with much more serious things than my moans and groans, forgive me my gripes!

Hope all you runners are all well..........

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Blimey ! No wonder you're feeling low , that's enough to knock the stuffing out of anybody !

See how you feel tomorrow , and if you feel well enough , put your running gear on , start with the warm up walk and see how you feel , no pressure , treat it as just a practice . There's no time restraint on the programme , you're in control .

Sorry to hear you're rough, but please don't beat yourself up . Well done on your progress so far and I really hope you feel better soon . Big hugs xxx

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Thankyou poppypug, I will see how I feel and I do take in all the advice. I say to myself "it's not a race, one step at a time".


Firstly .. massive , but gentle hug. :)

Secondly...poor you. what a horrid set of events :)

Thirdly.. we are right here for you :)


You need to get a good night's sleep..but first, set all your stuff out ready for your run tomorrow... think about the route you are going to do, make it one you know that you like :)

Think about the run in a positive way... think how far you have come, think of all the good reasons why you could not run.. toothache alone.. horrible, migraine and all on top of other things! You did not run, because you were ill .. so.. the next thing is...

Tomorrow.. you just get out there..big breath and off you go; very slow and very steady and leave all those negative thoughts behind.. relax and run. because you can.

We are right there beside you.. :)

As the quote goes;

"A strong woman looks a challenge right in the eye... and gives it a wink!"

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Thankyou Oldfloss


Hey you are having a rough time. If it's any help I thought just the same (for work reasons, I'm glad to say) and one of the lovely people here pointed out that it's not physical because that doesn't decline so quickly, it's the mind and motivation. I got back on track and completed my W5 today .... so can you. Keep posting I'll be looking out to find out how you get on.

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Thankyou davidhwynn, I shall keep you posted and hope I can say the same as you on completing W5 pretty soon!


Be kind to yourself! You've had a heck of a few days, and that's exhausting. To help keep motivated for tomorrow, can you put your rung gear out tight so it's ready for you? Make sure you have the podcast ready etc. And if possible, tell an encouraging friend/family member that you're going back to it tomorrow.

Actually, scratch that last part - you've told us now, so we'll be waiting for your run report :)

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Will do RainbowC! Will keep you posted!


Hope it all rights itself soon. It's horrible when everything seems to be against you. Run when you are ready and not before - that wouldn't do you any good at all. The running will wait for you and it's surprising how little difference a break makes. Let us know how you get on. Chin up 😁

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Thankyou RunningGeek


I don't think there's much worse than a toothache to drag you down! You've managed amazingly with such debilitating circumstances! Like everyone says, go easy on yourself. Have a gentle run and really try and enjoy it😊

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