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Really pushed myself!


So first time out running with the other half - he has not fun properly for a few years - like myself - but seems to have been able to literally step out of the front door and immediately revert to a pretty good impression of his former self!

Not so me - it has been jolly hard work!

However today I thought we would go together - it bloody nearly killed me!

BUT survive it I did - and now I feel brilliant.

I have decided to run 5k a couple of times a week on my own and build on my stamina - also allowing me to enjoy it, and to go together at weekends - where the other half can step in to Laura’s coaching shoes.

5.3k at 6.40 km average pace - 20 seconds per km faster that my previous best 😃

Happy Saturday running everyone 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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That 6.40 km pace is pretty impressive, as you say if you kept at that pace you would run a 5K in 33.40, which is very good and by the way a very happy Saturday running to you.


Decent pace, well done! It feel good to push it every so often I think. Or at least it does after the event lol!

All the best for your continuing running journey together!


Very impressive, penelopesimmons! I’m also going to run for 30 mins twice a week to try & get to 5K - not quite there yet🙂

PenelopesimmonsGraduate in reply to QueenTea

You will soon get there! Not sure I will manage it on my own! P


A pacer for one run per week is a very useful way to get your speed up.


Well done! My husband is the same. Can go to the gym once in a blue moon, smoke too much and still run twice as fast as me for as long as me! Very annoying 😠


Well done P! You are running at a great pace! You are not very far off 5K in 30 mins. Glad you feel brilliant! 😀

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