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Week one complete


I completed my first week. I can honestly say I didn't think I would. I couldn't run all the runs on day 1, on day 2 I was a little better and on day 3 I ran all of the 8 minutes. Not quickly but it was a jog. I'm so proud. Now I need to tackle my food intake! I'm actually looking forward to starting my runs this week. I also ran yesterday and I have woken up with my legs not hurting as they did in day 1, it is all progress. Thanks for all your help and advice, I might even do this! Any advice on where to get a food plan would be good, one that has worked for you.

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Well done on completing week 1.

Don't worry about the speed, just focus on jogging for the time it states. Its great that you are already seeing an improvement.

Good luck for week 2.

Otobe50andfit in reply to Qscout

Thank you 😊


Forget speed, forget distance.. just a slow, gentle run, not bouncy, but steady and light, and slow.. that will get you to week 9, safely and enjoyably! :)

Food plan.. well we have a healthy med' diet anyway, but have for the last..don't know how long, been using a lot of aspects of this, not as a hard and fast diet, ( eating regime is a better way of putting it.. in a good way ) but lots of bits out of it. it is easy to follow and easy to utilise to your own requirements... :)


Husband is Type 2 diabetic.. ( hormonal not lifestyle..) We are very much low carb', and treat sugar a bit like the plague! We do not, however fast.. and our calorie intake is higher, as I could not function on 800 calories a day.. even for 8 weeks ! I whiuzz around too much and running three times a week.. well!

It is basically, the old adage.. eat healthier , move more.. and it works! Loads of great recipes too and easily prepared! His wife, a Dr also, has bought out a new recipe book to go along with this and it is great, with some yummy food..


Don't know if this is any use to you :) Good luck anyway!

Thanks for the advice, I shall have a look. Week 2 now complete and really need to address my diet now, but I also couldn't function on 800 cals!


Well done -I can feel the motivation in that post, and it's great! For food, I'd just suggest cutting out processed foods, alcohol and snacks and eating sensibly. Treat your body like an expensive car: only the best fuels go in, with no added crap. If you can't read an ingredient written on the label, don't eat it. Without going to the extremes of rooting around the garden and chomping up the plants, buy the basic food products and cook them yourself - no need for fancy diet plans, just use your head.

Thank you, makes sense 😊

Well done on completing week 1. That's a huge achievement.

Food-wise I try to follow a Mediterranean style diet, and eat reasonably healthily. I think the thing the made the biggest difference to me, irrespective of what diet you follow, was keeping a food diary. Just committing to write everything down really focused my mind on what I was eating, and made me much more aware. You could take a look at apps from My Fitness Pal or My Net Diary. I don't tend to keep a diary every day now, just maybe once week every month to make sure things aren't creeping up.

Don't be disheartened if you don't instantly lose weight with the running either. Your body will change shape and getting more toned, and that can take a few weeks to show up on the scales.

Good luck.

Thank you, I used to use my. Fitness pal, maybe I should go back to it. My scales say nothing but I was asked if I was losing weight. Second week completed.....just!

Well done. You've made a great start. Don't be a slave to the scales, you'll soon feel a difference with how clothes fit, and it's great that someone has asked if you've lost weight.


Well done, you're on your way.

If you are wanting to lose weight, I found Slimming World very good. Lots of people use the NHS weight loss plan and My Fitness Pal.

Try to get into a routine of stretching after each run - it really does help with aches and pains.

UllyrunnerGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner


That's the link to the stretches I use every time.

Thank you, I will try those 😊


Well done you! Sounds like you're doing great. Make sure you have at least a day's rest between each runs to help your muscles recover and to avoid injury.

Food intake is always the trouble, I'm with you there, it's a constant battle!! I use a calorie counting app where you can scan barcodes of things you eat. It's a bit of a faff weighing and checking portion sizes, etc, but keeps me aware of what I'm eating. I find making sure I eat fruit or veg with every meal or snack helps as it fills me up for less calories. Sometimes lots of little changes can add up like reducing or eliminating sugar in tea or coffee, drinking water instead of juice or fizzy drinks, skimmed instead of semi skimmed milk - all little ways that can reduce calorie intake. Using smaller plates/bowls also helps too as tricks me into thinking I've eaten more than if I half fill a large bowl. I once heard someone say if you're not hungry enough to eat an apple first, then you're not hungry! I always remind myself of that when I go to the fridge! :)

I love the if you aren't hungry enough to eat an apple first advice, I might stick that on my fridge! Sadly I'm rarely hungry as I graze.....which of course soils all my meals. Thanks for the advice 😊


Fantastic progress well done. It's a great feeling when you manage to go that little bit further. I'm with Ullyrunner I would suggest Slimming World too, that is what I am on. There is so much you can eat that it's crazy. Like you I have the big 50 looming, October for me, we're going to be rocking it x

Which ever plan you decide to go for good luck, you can do it x

Thank you 😊

Fantastic that you've got through week 1. I think this is the hardest part, just getting started, but you've done it. Go you... 👍🏽👍🏽🏃🏽‍♀️

Thank you, week 2 now complete too!

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