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Week one done!

Did the last of the three runs in week one today and feel 'accomplished'! Feet and ankles seem to be the parts that are suffering the most.

This morning I did find hard though. Legs didn't seem to want to move. I'm hoping this is because I am so over weight and not done any exercise for a long while.

Is it a good idea to repeat week 1 as I am morbidly obese? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks x

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Well done you for completing W1 ! You can repeat weeks as many times as you like if you feel you need to, that's the beauty of this programme, you can make it suit your own circumstances. However, sometimes we surprise ourselves with what we can achieve by moving on. Lots of people advise on getting suitable shoes sorted early on in the programme and exercises before and after running to help with aches and pains. It may be worth checking with your GP too if you haven't exercised for a while, that's if you haven't already. Good luck x


Well done you! You should be proud of what you have done!

I too am overweight. So I have spent the last 8 weeks walking to get a bit of leg muscles and training my heart to breathe. Last Sunday I had the first run, and have now finished week 1. If you're finding it really hard, it might help with some walking in between the runs, just as a way of building stamina.


You've done amazingly to finish week 1 - I hope you're proud :) I agree with the others - take each week at your own pace & getting good running shoes does help. Keep posting on here we'll cheer you up & cheer you on. You're going to do great :)


I can only agree with the foregoing advice. Repeat if you feel it would be beneficial. Listen to your own body. Some walking or yoga/pilates on rest days would probably be beneficial. Or strength and flex which is on the NHS Livewell website. Best not to do too much too soon, you will gradually find out what works for you. Best wishes.


Thanks everyone for all the support. It has really made a difference! I have decided to do week 1 again as I think that's what my body was telling me to do. I may even do it for a third week as this is the first exercise I've done for a long time, years in fact, so I don't want to over-do it.

I have just bought myself some trainers (ouchies, the expense that is lol) and tonight I am off to get some jogging socks as they've been recommended by a colleague who is a c25K graduate.

My careful diet and exercise helped me lose 9lbs last week so I am really happy :) although there is a long way to go.

I've also just ordered a pilates DVD for beginners to work on in the days inbetween.

Just to say thank you again. x

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Sounds like you are doing great- well done on the weight loss too! Keep posting and let us know how it all goes x


Wow 9lb lost in one week and completed week one, i've just completed week one and have painfully ankles too, but that's an improvement after W1R1 everything hurt. I recently lost 1&1/2stone using an app to track calories and excersise (my fitness pal) I also bought the hairy bikers diet cookbooks after being recommended them by a friend, I love the food in them because it is proper tasty food. Good luck with the program and the diet.


Hi Chickierock....... i am doing the second run of Week One this evening - I had never run before Saturday - I felt so unfit and couldn't even manage the 60 second runs - that I thought I may also do the first week again. Is this defeatist? should we just move on to the 2nd week in order to 'progress'? I'd be interested in what anyone else thinks about it.



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