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Week 4 complete :)

Hi All, 

Completed the third run of week 4 yesterday morning and feeling very happy! 

I took the week off during the term break to spend some time with kids. As an added bonus this meant I ran outdoors for all the three runs on Tue, Thursday and Saturday last week. The weather was lovely for all the three runs in Cambridge which just made the runs perfect. 

One key thing I learnt this week was to not really rush myself into speed and keep at a speed that is comfortable (or as Laura says "a light jog").  In the first run of this week, I exhausted myself half way during the first 5 min segment - but then slowed down and it went fine.  This helped extremely well with the remaining two runs. 

Ready to run for week 5 :) 

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So sensible! Slow and steady is the way... granted, some folk reckon faster works for them, but, to make sure you achieve the goal, I feel, listen to Laura and take it at an easy pace.

My son in law and I have run together, ( scary for me )...he is half my age, and has long, long legs.He always says though, he can run faster, but I can run for longer, and just keep going, because the stamina building within this programme works!

Go you...onwards and upwards!


Well done. I prefer to run outside as it gives me a chance to find out more about the neighbourhood and go exploring. The time seems to go more quickly too. I remember feeling scared approaching week 6 but constantly surprised myself. Good luck on your journey.  I am on week 14 now running 5K in about 50 minutes. I am a slow runner but just glad to be exercising 😊

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Thank you - I agree running outside is a good way to explore neighbourhood. I know more of my area due to running different routes :) 


I too start week 5 today eek ! I have a feeling it's going to be hard. I always run outside and that's what I love about this form of excercise. Let's spur each ther on, good luck !


Thank you very much !! 

Hope you have an awesome week 5 :) Mine starts tomorrow. 


Just done day 1 of week 5 it wasn't so bad. Had a sneak preview at what the rest if the week has in store and its OMG !!!!! My next run will be in Whitby on uncharted territory so might struggle with that one, will keep you posted 😱


W5R3 seems to be a bit of a turning point for a lot of people - you feel sure it's too much too soon and you won't be able to  do it and at the same time everyone tells you that you can and to trust the programme - and then you do it - it's a great feeling. 

Enjoy your run in Whitby


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