Heavy guy first run :)

After suffering for many years of obesity, I've decided to get a grip.

Have started eating healthy and started my first run - couch to 5k week 1.

After running 7 of the 8 minutes.. and actually really enjoyed it.

Here's to Wednesday where I go again and try beat week 1 :)


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17 Replies

  • You don't need to beat times or distances, speeds. Just work slowly through the session and you'll do well. Slow is just fine. Going good and steady buys you time, and you have more puff to see you through to the end

    Good news about the healthy eating ☺ You won't need any extra grub while doing C25k take note 😊

    Have fun!

  • Sorry - I meant beat by being able to manage all 8 minutes :P

  • Well done for getting started - that is the hardest part overcome. Welcome to the forum with a wealth of experience and good advice on here.

  • Well done - the change has already begun, you're on your way! 😀

    I've got no doubt you'll be able to all 8 runs on Wed, just go slow! I remember hearing Sarah Millichan's voice telling me just to keep going, that last run & the last minute really builds your stamina & fitness. (I used the app, not the podcast)

  • It is the hardest thing of all to go slow...then slower still. But if you do, you will graduate :)

    And if you find it hard to believe - as we did - just read the early posts of graduates ;)

    Glad you are running with us, we are all in this together :)

  • Well done for taking the first step and joining the program. I'm only on week 3, but this forum is a great find. Very supportive.

    In my limited experience I definitely agree that slow and steady us the way to go.

  • Welcome aboard the good ship C25k.

  • That's the toughest run done. It was a shock to all our systems. Sounds like you did marvelous.

  • Well done - I'm 'heavy' too but have just managed my first run of week 4 - the feeling of achievement is addictive!

  • Well done! You won't regret this decision.

  • Well done - you're nearly there with completing that run, and as every one else has said, slow will help. Even more important, you've made a good start on the whole programme which, together with the healthier eating, will make a big difference to you.

  • Well done ! Plenty of great support here!

  • I was probably in a similar place to you when I started - and to some extent i still am, I'm a shade under 18 stone - then again I was just over 20 when I started, and I did it! As others have said, the thing is to take it steady - the only competition is with yourself, none of us are out to beat Mo Farrah.... The great thing with this programme is the way it builds your confidence, so just keep at it!

  • well done !! keep at it when I started this programme 8 weeks ago I thought I would never manage, but I am still here week 8 run 3 tomorrow I have lost almost 2 stone (with the help of healthy eating) and feel great so glad I stuck at it and you will be too.

  • Great you've started. This is not a competition just take it slow and steady and trust the programme!

  • Really Well done on making the decision to take up this programme . You wont regret it, it will probably be one of the best decisions you will ever make regarding your health and general well being !

    Welcome aboard , we will support you every step of the way and if youre not sure about anything , please ask. Always happy to help .

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Run 2 Done - Managed to do them all this time :)

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