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First week first run🙈


So the hubby and have decided to start couch to 5k to get us out of the house and exercising a bit. Have to admit I struggled after the 4th interval but kept at it even if I did slow down a bit. But today my hips are killing me! I'm not going to let it put me off, I'll maybe just go week 1 twice to get my body used to the exercise. Anyone any suggestions?

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The key is to make it a light jog. Don't try to go fast. The important thing is to complete the intervals, the speed doesn't matter. Don't be disheartened, it is a great program.


Make sure not to go too fast. I run with my husband but he runs behind me at my pace as if I can see him I try to follow his pace.

Maybe try bit slower. I restarted the program after several months off from running. Now back up to week 7 and running 25 mins. My hips hurt on first run ( have arthritis in hip) so took it slowly. Trust the program and repeat a week if needed, stretch well

Fantastic that you've started the program. Combined with this forum it's a real winner.

Great advice out there already, take it slower next time.

Also, never skip a rest day, they are so important. Even more so than the run days.

Re: redoing week 1... only do it if you really feel you must. But if you have successfully completed all 3 runs in a week, you're ready to move on!

Good luck and keep us updated



Well done please, head across to the strength and flex forum where there are so many exercises for every bit of your running body...including hips...

Do make sure you are warming up well and getting those post run stretches in too...

Hopefully, you have already checked out the post for Newbies too, there is so much information there too,

The mantra is slow and steady,,,, I am infamous for banging on about it.... if you are struggling, go slower... and then slow down more:)

Keep posting your runs an enjoy!

Well done to you both. Don’t worry your hips will not hurt after every run, take a rest day or two before your next run. Make sure you do the warm up walk and cool down walk in the programme.

You don’t need to repeat week 1, once it’s done you are ready for the next level x


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey.

Zev1963Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

very well written, and spot on.


well done for starting and good luck with the program. just follow the app, take it slow and easy and if needed take a few more rest days

enjoy it


Took me something between 12 and 18 attempts before I had the required 3 completions of Week 1. The rest of the programme was nothing like as hard, so no, don't do it any more than the programme asks you to.


Well done for starting! The only thing I would suggest is to do some other exercises - there are a few links somewhere to dynamic stretching before your session.

If your running with your partner it may be tbat you will naturally have different speeds which are comfortable for you at the moment. So don't worry if one of you is going a little faster or slower. Perhaps concentrate on what you can do without getting out of breath. Slowing down is completely the right thing to do.

Last run it was so windy I was almost staying still!

You could still generalky stay together but don't worry about keeping up. Stay slow as you need to and good luck.

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