Third time lucky!

Yes I have started C25K again. In fact I graduated a couple of years back but got a wee injury and didn't run for a few months so decided to start again and having just completed week 9, I managed to have a little accident on my motorbike which got scratched and I broke my leg - this is what happens when a motorbike lands on top of you. Indeed the men in the ambulance were keen 'bikers' and seemed more interested in the damage to my bike - anyway - a completely snapped fibula was the diagnosis and a new fairing for the bike. So two days later I was back at work on a medical series for the BBC so I kind of fitted in well with my leg in plaster.

And so now almost five months later I am running again and have just completed week 1 - the leg seems to be holding up (it's not so much the bone as the tissue damage which caused the delay) and I have just 8 weeks to go!

The thing is - having managed it twice before I know I shall succeed again this time - but for anybody just starting out, although C25K can feel a little daunting at first, it is possible for us all to do it - just a little determination is what is needed - I'll race you to week 9 :)

PS for any 'bikers' out there, the day of my accident was really warm and I very nearly didn't put on my proper motorcycle clothing - I'm so glad I did as the protection saved me from far worse injury - jus' saying' :)


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51 Replies

  • Hey Runon , wondered where you disappeared to, great to see you back. Sounds like you'll be back in the groove in no time, excellent!

    My son has a rather big bike (passed his full test earlier this year) and I'm very glad to say from the teachers and other more experienced bikers in the family, he always goes out in his proper gear, no matter what the weather. I've seen fellas in shorts and trainers in the summer, makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end when they go fast round corners and lean so far over, I can see those ankles snapping eurggghhhh! 😬

    Plus in a previous life I've worked as a nurse in A&E......' nuff said....


  • Hey Madge good to hear from you. Yea - complete madness not to wear the right gear - I'd have had no knee left without it - the right gear really does help protect. The guys in A&E were really superb though and kept me smiling.

    Looking forward to going through all the various stages of c25k again with Laura and all the wonderful music :) - It's like having a new leg but having to learn to walk (and run) again :)

    David X

  • Hope all has healed nicely,I found commuting on a motorbike so dangerous, so gave that up when pedestrians ran across the road in front of me and I hit one of them writing the bike off, I had full protection on of which I sustained a bang to the side of the head on the road saved by the helmet, shoulder took a bang to for which I still get a dull ache at times for a very short period, it's safer running...still have a small bike in the garage though..keep on running it's well worth it! The key is to do c25k slow & steady, and yes plenty of determination!😊

  • Yes Dave - running is definitely healthier - I found I put about 8lbs on through not running so need to get back to fitness.

    The bike is getting fewer outings now but I find I'm appreciating those outings more. :)

  • Well done. Great post. I feel the same when I'm cycling and if have accident. First thing I check is if any damage to my poor bike and if it's gonna cost me money ?

    Good to see you got "Back in the saddle" running wise !

  • Thanks Joepublic :) Yea, the bike did cost a few pennies to put right - but I think I was so glad to be alive after the accident that I wasn't too worried. In fact it's funny what goes through your mind in situations like that - my first thought when thrown to the ground and I found myself sliding along the road was 'I'm gonna die' - my second thought was, '... this is really embarrassing - a grown man sliding down the road!' :)

    I thought as I was out running yesterday through the countryside with fields covered in frost - just how great it is to be able to run again, even though it is back to square one!

  • Sometimes when running I think if I take a tumble I won't mind that so much, but my hands will probably cop it, and I think about wearing my motorcycle gloves, but then, No I'll get too warm! they sweat enough without wearing gloves!😁

    I was lucky when I went down as the road was clear and no street furniture to bang into, you couldn't get up with your injuries, but I immediately got up onto my feet shouting at the stupid pedestrians who caused the accident, then shock set in and I felt nauseous so had to sit on a wall..

  • Hi Dave - no I couldn't get up - in fact I was too scared to look at my leg as I was sure what I might find or not find...!

    I did get some running gloves - well gloves for running :) They're lightweight and good for the cold and might protect one from minor abrasions if one did take a tumble - there again, life to short to think about the things that might go wrong :))

  • Your right ! If you don't worry about dying you worry about dying of embarrassment !

    Anyway I digress, could talk about falling off bikes all day. Glad your over shock and well.

    The running as you say is great and really helps. Good luck !

  • Hi Runon nowt like making a drama out of a crisis! Casualty?

    What are you like! Anyway, welcome back. So sorry to hear not in the best of circs !!!! Crikey, what a calamity. I hope you are not in pain or discomfort and that you and your bike will be back out there sharpish, and your running leg repaired and back on parade. I dare say you will get a fast track to the nhs physio. Hope so cos I think they're rather good. Mine was

    It's always best to wear the gear int it. You shudder when you see folks in shorts and bloody flip flops, or is that just where I live....

  • Doctors - Casualty next year when I've learnt how to crash helicopters better. I've never done a motorcycle stunt before so now I know how to do them. It's brilliant to hear from you Miss Wobble - I have just completed week one and the leg is standing up (if you'll excuse the pun) to it very well. I've not had physio - in fact it has not even been mentioned - but maybe walking on the thing is physic enough - my consultant was Malaysian and called Mr. Toe :))

  • Well I'll go to the foot of our stairs, I'd recognise that leg anywhere - Hello David !

    Blimey, I don't know, we leave you alone for five minutes and this is what happens, ha ha :-D

    Ah , 'tis good to see you back on here though , its been a long time, too long Mister Richardson . * Wags finger *

    Well, here was I thinking that you had a nice cushy job sat on your directors chair, giving all these actors errm directions , but no I was wrong. You have been living a secret life as Daniel Craig's stunt double - Wow ! Who knew ?

    I am so pleased that you are on the mend, and I love the fact that even in the face of pain and ripped kecks , you took a selfie, or should that be a " knee-fie " ? Ha ha , a true pro to the end :-D

    Hope its all knitting together nicely and you never know , you could be fighting fit just in time for the GMR in May - Taa Daa !

    What a comeback that would be ! :-) xxx

  • PS - Are legs knitted or crocheted?

  • I am rubbish at knitting !

    I was knitting when I should have been purling, and there were dropped stitches everywhere !

    Crocheting is my forte , I used to crochet those little squares then make them up into blankets for distribution to out of work directors and actors ! :-D

    So yes, I would say legs are definitely crocheted ! :-) xxx

  • Poppers - Hurrah - you're back - oh no - that's me back. Now I notice that in my absence you have become very grand and are now an administrator - well couldn't have happened to a nicer Poppy. But hang on a tick - you are not getting my graduation badge back just 'cos I'm back to week one! In fact I should like a new one when I get to week 9. And I'd like a 10K one to boot for Xmas please - thank you.

    Now Danny boy Craig will be learning how to do the falling off a motorbike trick soon enough. Actually what was amazing about my little stunt was that it didn't hurt one little bit - at least until I tried to put some weight on the leg. Anyway it seems to be working ok now and is still the same length as the other one so I am not running in circles!

    Actually lets make a date for May - the GMR will give me something to aim for. So graduate at end of Jan - 10 K by beginning of April - ready to peak in May - Gotcha - lets do it.

    Now how are you and what have you been up to that you can talk about on the forum that is...?

    Mr R. XXX

  • Hello ! Its you that's back ( I think ! )

    Hmmm, I will have to have a word with the Graduation Elfs in Santa's workshop and see what they can do for a Treble Graduation, now I have reached the dizzy heights of Administrator :-) Just leave the brown envelope in the usual place, no questions asked , Wink , Wink ;-)

    I have even got my own rider and dressing room , all my dreams have come true !

    Oh it would be great for us to do the GMR next year . I am doing the brand new all singing , all dancing HM version . Its on the same day, and same time but errm longer than the 10k. I think I take a slight detour and run around East Manchester , then end up back in town . Mind you, if I start flagging , you can always get on your bike and ride along side of me brandishing a big stick . Ha ha :-D

    Ive had a great year running wise, did my first HM in October, it was fab ! I really enjoyed it , got a HUGE medal for it too . Very heavy and very blingy, just the way I like 'em !

    Its good to see you back on here my friend, and I am so pleased that youre recovering nicely . What a shock you mustve given your children ! I hope you milked it rotten , Ha ha :-D xxx

  • Hey Poppers - well really big congrats on coming so incredibly far with your running - I am very proud of you and somewhat awed. However (there is always a however) I should point out that a HM is not just a 10K plus a bit of shopping in Manchester to make up the distance!

    I shall look forward to seeing you very much. Now where did you say to leave the bribe erm sorry- the brown envelope :)) xxx

  • Ah thank you so much !

    Yes ! That's it were on, 28th May 2017 ! Lets show the Kenyans and Ethiopians how its done ! :-D

    Hmmm , 2nd flowerpot on the right, you know the drill ! :-) xxx

  • Ah - I thought the loot always went under the third plantpot- no wonder the postman's smiling! OK Ethiopia here we come! Xxx

  • Ha ha ! No wonder he's been turning up in a Lamborghini Espada , pesky postie !

    Anyway, to get us into the mindset of world renowned athletes, I therefore wish to be known as Pug Kipligat and you can be David Gebreselassie .

    Have you penciled the date in your diary ? If Ridley Scott phones you and wants you on his latest blockbuster, just tell him youre busy .Im sure he'll understand :-) xxx

  • Dear Pug Kipligat, The date is in the diary - you realise I shall need new running shoes for this?! I e already cleared it with Ridders who thinks I am doing a remake of Chariots of Fire anyway - now all I need to do is to complete week 2 - by the way will you be wearing all your medals when you run? Also I must remember to not start in the front line this time - that was soooo embarrassing!

    David Gebreselassie xxx

  • Ha ha , oh yes that mustve been embarrassing for you , it was very funny though ! :-D

    My medal holder has broken - Pah ! I would like to think that the collapse was caused by the sheer weight of all my medalry , but it wasn't . I made my own with some cork board and stuck it half cocked on the wall with no -more -nails or similar stuff. It is now no-more - medal holder :-(

    Oh yes , we could incorporate the race into " Chariots of Fire - The Sequel " You can get Michael Fassbender to play you and I will get Dame Judi Dench to play me , she owes me one .

    Good Luck with Week 2 frolicking around your meadow , is it better than running on your beach ?

    Pug Kipligat xxx

  • Dear Pug Kipligat,

    Well as you know I love my beach and have even allowed a few other people (from good backgrounds obviously) to use it this last summer and I do miss using it frequently - What I do not miss though are the strong winter winds that make you feel as though you are not just running, but pushing a wheelbarrow laden with bricks along the sea-shore and make your eyes water and sting from particles of flying sand and make you unable to listen to music because of the deafening whistling in the old ears. Other than that it's a lark :) I do like my meadows and country lane and the horses and mud and the slightly softer than concrete feel of the ground. What I am not so keen on are the 'PRIVATE ROAD - KEEP OUT' signs that seem to surround some of the farmers fields around my canal. Now I'm not prone to trespassing but I'm sure there must be some mistake here, so tentatively just for a bit of variety, I have started running down them and so far have not come across any angry farmers with shotguns or wild bulls and no one has come out of any of the little farmhouses to shout at me for eating their porridge - and so far so good :)

    Now Dame Judy and you have something in common - a) You are both jolly nice people.

    b) I did my first proper run with you and my first proper tv programme with her.

    c) You both have gongs! :))

    David Gebreselassie xxx

  • Ha ha, this made me laugh ! I can just imagine you tear -ar*ing down the lanes with a angry bull chasing you . He will have no chance of catching you, you are David Gebreselassie after all !

    Ah me and Dame Judi, I always felt a connection with her , its truly fate ...:-) xxx

  • Monsiur ru-non! ca va? My non french running pal! :) how nice to have you back, but thats a silly question as i can see how you are or have been at least! :) now that was a silly thing to do! glad you are doing better now though and heading out running again! WE have missed you, i was just thinking the other day that you have been very quiet and was going to have to chase you up sometime! i don't have many jet- set friends! You just wanted an excuse to lounge on the sofa but no longer! Great news! looking forward to following your progress again and all the jolly laughs you provide!

    "garder en sécurité et prendre soin"

    (ps i'm not that good i googled that!")

    pps Doctors! me and mum used to watch that years back when we had too long a break after lunch!! and i watched on my day off the other week! (do like a bit of light viewing!) :)

  • Comme c'est merveilleux de vous entendre - and also it is marvellous to hear from you :) I am doing week 2 at present - which is jolly good fun - the muscles in the repaired leg are needing to build themselves up a bit so I thought I would just start again from scratch! Actually I just like hearing Laura :) As for sitting on the couch (humph) I was back on set whizzing about on the crutches before nipping off to Turkey for a bit of one legged sunbathing:)

    How is the IOW and what have you been up to dear girl? I have missed everyone :) xxx

  • Aah lovely ru-non! Thanks for your reply!

    Did they give you extra VIP space on the plane for your hols! Do you have an interesting tan eh?!!!

    I'm ok thanks did my 4th HM on 20th Nov, getting but faster this year which is good!😊

    Had a funny old year. Lost my lovely mum on 29th May this year so been a bit up and down.😕 Did the "running down dementia " campaign and got to 500km so that kept me busy and out if the house and off the sofa.

    We have a run this coming Sunday,over here called "chilly hilly", a (I quote!) 10mile winter warmer! Done lots of races this year and a big bling collection coming on.

    Oops better get back,end of my lunch break! Talk soon x abientot x 😊

  • Oh Ali - I'm sorry to hear about your loss - I'm sure my mum still looks out for me - and running the Manchester 10k for Alzheimer's helped me feel I'd given something back to her.

    Now I can recommend using crutches for not only getting extra leg room but also getting whisked through security and customs a lot more quickly. Once I was better I was sorely tempted to buy some crutches from Argos (£19.99) for the next flight :)

    Lovely to hear from you again :) xxx

  • Sounds like a good plan with the crutches! All for under £20!

    Yes I too think my mum is looking out for me and round about. It's one of the hardest things to think you won't see them again.😕lots of lovely memories though.

    I'm just off up to the burial ground in a min to plants some more flowers xxx

  • It's the lovely memories that keep our loved ones with us still. Sometimes when something wonderful happens I instinctively reach for the phone to tell my parents - and then realise it might be a rather long distance call... they're always with us :) xxx

  • Yes its a hard habit to break xxx

    (Isn't that a Chicago song? ! )

    I get the feeling she is ok and that keeps me going xxx

  • Is the Bike OK???

    LOL - I ride myself so I know you'll get the humour in the above :)

    Seriously though - glad you did not suffer far worse. 'All The Gear All The Time' is the only sane way to go and you just substantiated that :)

    god save us (and precious medical resources) from the 'freedom of the road' morons!

    Will look forward to following your progress as you make your comeback :)

  • Ah - thank you John. The bike is well :) Must admit it took a few apprehensive minutes to get used to riding it again once my leg was up to it, but the confidence soon came flooding back - as for the running - it's strange because I know I'll get back to 5K having done it before but at present it does seem quite daunting so I shall probably have to buy new running shoes just to make sure :)

    Have a great day and thanks for your support.

  • I honestly don't think I would have the courage to get back on a bike after something like that so I'm betting you will work through the challenge of regaining your 5K crown :) And my hat is off to you for that:)

  • Well done on your comeback! Don't think I'd feel safe on a motorbike here in the city. You worry about the other traffic but I hadn't ever thought of pedestrians causing motorbike accidents. I hope your leg is healing well. I'm impressed at you coming back and doing c25k over.

  • Thanks - boptilyoudrop - (what a great name:)

    Just between you and me and don't tell anyone but I once caused a motorcyclist to come off their bike - and I was the pedestrian! I had just arrived in New York and was crossing a road stepping out from behind a lorry but I looked the wrong way and the motorcyclist had to swerve to avoid me. It was wet and he skidded and came off. He glared at me and I said 'I'm sorry I'm English' and he brushed himself down then got back on his bike which seemed uninsured, smiled and rode off! Strange people these New Yorkers :)

  • Oops indeed! Glad you're back. I used to be 'wriggling luggage'. I'd be too scaredy-cat to go on a motorbike these days - I hate how the roads have got these days - everybody's so mean on the roads. Being polite on the roads just means you get carved up left right and centre. I drive a Toyota IQ, which isn't much bigger than a bike, and the lorries on the A14 hardly even know I'm there!

    Mend well, and enjoy the running x

  • Yes it does seem to be the case - so many people on the roads are either just out for themselves or just plain impatient - which is why we good humoured and patient chaps need to show them how it's done :)

    I guess one thing riding a bike has taught me is not to get too upset with other road users and to 'move on' in my head - you just can't afford to get angry on a bike :)

    I suppose one of the beauties of running is how relaxing it can be - This morning I was out in the country with just the birds and some horses giving me funny looks and a massive tractor whizzing past throwing mud up at me!!! :)

  • Runon!!! How great to see you back here. I was going to ask how you were but, on reading your post, it's pretty clear what you've been up to 😖

    That accident sounds dire but how fab that you're recovering nicely and running again. Welcome back.

  • Hey Irish Princess - lovely to hear from you - yes it's been quite an exciting year one way or 'tother- but it is brilliant to be back running again - I have missed it plus all the fab people on the forum - what have you been up to? I see Poppypug is a forum administrator - there's no stopping that girl - it'll be Prime Minister next - mark my words :) xxx

  • Haha! You and poppypug. A really funny double act if I recall 😅 Am looking forward to the jesting 🤗

    I've had a lot of time on the IC this year with one thing and another but I'm still running and still loving it so that's all that matters. I breathe therefore I run 😊

  • Descartes eat yer heart out. Sorry you've had a lot of IC time but brilliant you are running again - I am so looking forward to being able to run 5k on the new leg :))

  • And then 10K on the two legs - boom boom 😊

  • 😂oh dear 😎

  • Doctors ! Ah I know the one! I only recall it as I stumbled on it while flicking through the channels and I watched a bit with interest as I felt I knew one of the characters. It did my head in to think who she was. it dawned on me eventually. she stayed at my house many times, but she wasn't an actress then. ☺

  • Was she a doctor? The trouble with medical Tv shows is that you get so used to the make believe world that you start to tell some of the actors about your latest illness etc. :))

  • Nope, she was a patient's mother in one episode. One episode as far as I know, I haven't watched it since. It's too much like a soap for my liking 😊

  • Ah Runon, what are you like! Third time lucky eh? Lovely to see you back big kiss xx

  • Hey Curlygurl - it's great to be back and I'm thoroughly loving the running again - actually it's the second time I've broken this leg - last time was windsurfing! My New Years resolution is no more accidents! Big kisses to you too. xxx

  • Hi Runon, so great to hear from you again. Very best of luck with your 3rd go at the programme - I've done it 3 times too and it doesn't disappoint. Enjoy every single step. Bet you finish even faster and stronger this time :)

  • Oh Ancient Mum - lovely to hear from you. Got to say that I'm really enjoying going for it again. I was a little tempted to miss a week or two out and jump ahead but for once I'm being a good boy and sticking to the rules - don't want to risk damaging the new leg! I hope you're fighting for yourself. Runon xx

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