Backfiring help :-)

I have managed to talk my friend into trying the C25k programme as she would love to run, wants to get fitter and wants to lose weight. I completed week 7.3 this morning and went with her for week 1.1 this afternoon. My 9 year old son came along and encouraged from the sidelines on his bike 'put your back into it' 'your bums are wobbly' etc which kept her spirits up nicely. I'm really pleased she is now on board BUT she has turned the tables and seemingly I have to stop smoking. So watch this space. My 20 a day habit may be getting ditched, which I totally know it should. My son doesn't even know I smoke! This C25k may have more health benefits than I ever imagined.


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18 Replies

  • Ha ha I have been given up for 5 days now. It will help you in the long run :-)

  • Well done. I need to man (woman) up!

  • That is an excellent plan. It's been 9 years since I ditched a pack a day habit, so I've been where you are. Good luck and let us know how it goes. You can always go out for a run when you have the urge to light one up.

  • Oh heavens 20 runs a day lol!!

  • Your son has obviously got a future made as a personal trainer ! I agree with your friend, do it. I used to smoke and never regretted giving it up.

  • I know I need too. I had stopped for over a year and never should have started again. I also know the running would be easier if I didn't smoke.

  • How about a slight change to your last comment Thp42? 'I also know the running will be easier when I don't smoke'. Definitely a good decision; I have never smoked but my sister struggled for years to give up. She has now been a non-smoker for two years. There are lots of support networks to help you. Best of luck x

  • Seems fair! Good luck! How are you managing to smoke that much in secret each day? That sounds like a lot of thought and effort that could be spent on more fun things.

    As someone who has raised teens, if you are still keeping this secret when he is that age, and he finds out, and he is tending toward the rebellious state, mmmm, it will complicate things. Do it now, let him know and be proud of you.

  • Hubby, friends etc know. I just don't want him to ever smoke. I don't always smoke 20. Anywhere between 10 & 20.

  • when my Dad gave up he got support from a stop smoking programme run by his GP practice. He got things like encouraging texts and also they did things like measure his lung function and show him how fast it was improving. He found it really helped, so it might be worth checking if your GP offers anything similar.

  • Will have a look. Thank you.

  • I think you should give up the fags for you and your son. A healthy mummy who will be around and be a grandma. You won't ever regret giving up for a nano second

  • Yep, I'm with everyone else. Ditch the ciggies. I smoked for years before waking up one morning and realising it was disgusting. Don't know what finally made me realise but I've never looked back since. Not only did I feel tons better within a few weeks but I smelled much nicer and I couldn't believe the improvement in my bank balance. You could always use the money you save to buy lots of lovely new running kit- Win Win! Good luck Sweetie, we're here for you. Go for it! :)

  • Thank you. I have decided that come Monday I will be a non smoker.

  • Very good decision.

    You have all our support!

  • Thank you

  • And all the money you save not buying fags will slightly offset the running shoes, sports bras, shorts, socks, capris, compression tops, headbands, GPS watches, race entry fees, energy gels, trail shoes, lightweight jackets, foam rollers, etc and all the other fun kit you will gradually discover you can't live without.

    Good work though. On the cigs and the running.

  • Rignol thank you. I have worked out that 6 days of not smoking per month will pay for my son and my membership to the local country club where I can take him swimming a couple of times a week. I have just been in and signed up. He is over the moon, not that he knows that's where the money is coming from as he doesn't know I smoke but win for him & me, the rest I can spend on running gear :-)

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