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I've been reading and taking everyone's advice on here from starting 5 weeks ago, but not often posted. But thought I'd share my little mistake with you all! :)

I'm on holiday from work for a week, so have the advantage of being able to go for morning runs. So up I got to go out for my Week 5 Run 2. I couldn't find the correct week on my ipod, so decided to use the app on my phone instead. So off I went. I got through the first mental barrier of negative thoughts about how hard this was, and by the end of the first session of running I felt for once that I had found a steady pace and when Laura said I could walk I felt like I could carry on (very strange, but nice feeling!). But I did as I was told and walked it. Unfortunately the next bit of running started with a hill, and I think that finished me off before I even got into it, but I pushed and pushed and pushed and boy was it a struggle but I kept going until a minute from the end I had to turn a corner and my legs just STOPPED.

After having read on this site so much support and advice over the past weeks I knew not to feel bad about this and thought of how far I'd come since starting etc. By the time I got home I had decided I just needed to repeat the run until I could do it. There's no problem with that. Yes, a teeny weeny bit of disappointment but I was just chuffed that I had run as far as I had.

I've sat down to read though all the new posts, and someone on their post commented that they found they were okay running for 2 lots of 8 minutes on Week 5 Run 2. Hang on a minute, I think to myself. Laura told me I was running for 2 lots of 10 minutes on my run this morning?! So I quickly look at the C25K wall chart ...... and yes, I was running Week 6 Run 2!! And have just confirmed it on my phone app - Week 6 Run 2. Doh!!

So now although feeling disappointed and rather silly that I messed up by running the wrong week, I've just realised that I would have actually have completed the run after all! (I'd run 10 minutes, walked for 3 minutes, run for 9 minutes).

(and when I say run - I mean 'plod' - especially in the final 5 minutes, lol)

I think I might still re-run Week 5 Run 2 though - especially as I'm totally scared about doing the Week 5 Run 3!

Bit of a long story, but felt the need to share :)

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Well you should give yourself a big pat on the back for that . You did great I wouldn't repeat that run , you did great .


I dont think you need to repeat that run, you did more then good, Laura wont know, promise


Wow - go you! And speaking from recent experience, if you can do week 5 run 2, you can do run 3. Don't be daunted :-)


Oh no, that's 3 of you all saying to carry on with run 3. I guess it does makes sense. I'm not very good at keeping secrets. Perhaps if Laura doesn't actually ask me how my last run went, then I don't need to bring the subject up with her? Doesn't she say something like "as long as you have completed all the runs before this .... " though?

Will have a day of rest tomorrowand I may re-think my route to avoid the hill (bit difficult where I live to avoid them though). I've tried to change my route each time, and I still seem to come across them. Either little short steep ones, or longer inclines that go on and on.

I'm sure by Saturday I'll be itching to have a go to see if I can do it :)


No need to go back and re-run, crack on with the next run - you're doing brilliantly - long may it continue! :-)


You did run 2, albeit unknowingly.

Sorry. I am with the others :-) Go for run 3. I am sure you will manage.

Just take it nice and slowly. Your body is ready. It is your mind that needs convinced.


Hee hee, brilliant though to do so well on a run a whole week ahead of where you are! I just finished w6 r1 and if you did any of w6 you will breeze through run 3 of week 5 don't worry.

Well done on keeping going you should feel very proud and not silly at all!!! Graduation a step or 3 nearer eh!?!



Oh continue, you know you want to and if you think about it you actually completed it and added a litter extra so you should be proud !!!! Well done and keep going


Go for W5R3 and get it out of the way: it's a nasty little lurking horror until it's behind you, when suddenly it becomes a major triumph!


LOL! Week six is tough enough for anyone who's completed W5R3 anyway, but you do it great after tackling it inadvertently! :-) I'm with the others: go for W5R3 - you'll be fine! And at least now you know what week six has in store! Good luck!


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