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Newbie :)

I thought it would be polite to say hi to everyone, you guys are such a supportive group, it's really motivating to be a part of it. My name is Beckie, I have always considered myself 'not able to run'. So, as part of improving my fitness, I am also proving myself wrong. I am also doing this so that my first 5k run will be raising money for my mums charity, I am hoping that having a goal like that will keep me going through the rough days. I am officially hooked! I am on week 2, but completed the first week twice. I am loving the runs and actually look forward to it!

I do have a couple of questions though: are there any dietary changes that you guys can recommend so that I get the best out of my runs? I work nights as a psychiatric nurse and my diet isn't always the best

If I decide to move on to running 10K, can I merge the apps? Will it let me start half way through the couch to 10K?

Thank you in advanced!

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Welcome Beckie! Happy running. :)

No need to merge apps. Just finish the C25k one and then start the Bridge to 10k one when you're ready. Some people move straight from one to the other but like many on here I found that when I'd finished C25k I was able to run for half an hour, yes, but wasn't running fast enough to have run for 5k. So I concentrated for a while on getting up to, and consolidating, the 5k distance before I started B210k.

All the best anyway and keep us posted on how you're getting on. x


Hi Beckie, my diet has never been the best (and still isn't if I'm honest) but I have managed to cut down dramatically on the cakes and sweets I used to consume! As the weeks went by and I noticed a drastic change in my shape, that spurred me on. It's fantastic that you're starting c25k and with such a positive attitude too. I think moderation is the key word in everything, except of course, slow and slower are words you'll see used on here a lot! Enjoy the journey :)


C25k is a fab programme and can get anyone running. The bi-product of that is that you get fitter. You will lose weight but only if you eat a healthy diet. That requires forward planning and a rethink of your eats and drinks. Well worth it though. C25k also has the benefit of helping your mood. A run after a horrible day at work really helps clear your head.

It's all gradual of course but most things in life take time if they're to be sustainable. This is one thing that you can happily do on slow speed.

Have fun!


Hi Beckie, welcome to the forum. Not surprised to hear you are hooked already..its a great plan and it really works😊

Good luck with Week 2. Take each run slow and steady just a gentle jog as you gain stamina..have a drink of water afterwards and maybe a banana as Laura suggests, and just try to reach for fruit instead of cakes and biscuits more often. A hanful of nuts could be a good snack at work or some healthy cereal...

Don't forget to stretch after your run session while your muscles are still warm.

You can do this...get to graduation at your own pace and enjoy the journey. Keep posting on here for encouragement and tips. x


Hi Beckie. Welcome to the forum and happy running. You won't need to merge the apps, when you've graduated from C25k you can then start on the 10k if you wish to straightaway. I am one of those who finished the C25k and so while I can run for 30 minutes I am not running a 5K within the time. So my goal at the moment is to increase stamina and pace and be able to run 5k within 30mins.

Best advice I can give is what I learnt from here: listen to Laura, let her encourage you, slow and steady is good, but get to graduation at your own pace. Good luck and look forward to watching your progress and seeing you at the graduation table :-).

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Welcome Beckie -great decision! You'll find not only will you get fitter, but running helps lift your mood and is a great stress buster.

Enjoy the programme!


Hi beckied and welcome to the forum! :)

I hope all goes well with your C25K challenge and raising money for your Mum's charity. That's a great idea, as like you say it will help to keep you motivated. I also work nights and have found it difficult at times to find the time to get my run in daylight time...but where there's a will...

Anyway, good luck with everything and remember to keep us all updated with your progress. Thanks. Remember...slow and steady! :)

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Thank you so much for all your replies! I am going to try really hard to take some healthier food to work tonight and the rest of the week.

I am slowly learning to take it slowly 🤔, the first part is the hardest to keep slow. I am all rested and ready for a run, so I really have to remember to conserve my energy for later on!

Also, I love running this time of year. Am I the only one who feels that it is a huge achievement to run in the rain?! I come back feeling like I could conquer the world!!

Thank you all again for your messages, I really appreciate all the support and advice 🙂


Ha.. I ran in the rain today too Beckie it was fun..jumping puddles, and with a peeked cap on didn't notice the rain.😊


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