Remember me?? Many firsts!!

It has been quite a while since I have posted, but it seems that it is about time to! As my title suggests, today was a day of many firsts for me and for my lovely wife, Gayle (gdeann).

Let's begin with the runs that we both completed today! Gayle was able to make it to the 5 mile mark today!! I am so very proud of her!! 6 months ago we began C25K and struggled to run for the one minute intervals. Today, she knocked off 5 miles in her first nonstop run of just over 1 hour!! I ask you, how is that for progress? :-)

I also hit a distance milestone today. I hadn't intended to do this until Wednesday, which would have been the 7 year anniversary of my Dad's passing. He passed from COPD or emphysema. In honor of him, I was going to run my first full, nonstop 10K distance. Well, today was going so very well that at the one hour mark, I was within a few minutes of finishing the 10K distance and I just didn't stop! Today, I ran over 10K!! I did this in honor of my dad. I run and breathe now, because he can't!

Today was also my first run with Zombies, Run!! I have to say that it is a pretty fun story to run to! I found myself waving to, talking to and even swearing at a few of the characters in the story!! I think that the best part is that it took my mind off of how far and how fast I was running. I simply ran!

We both have two more runs to complete the B210K program and will soon be completing them. It has been an amazing 6 months since we started running. So many good runs and a few not so good ones, but we are still going. One step at a time, one huffing and puffing breath at a time, one heaving chest with burning lungs at a time...but still going!! :-)

If anyone else is using Garmin Connect and would like to share runs, I am more than happy to. I am smhall67801 on there. Feel free to add me if you would like to!

Keep Running!! :-)



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33 Replies

  • I posted my blog directly after you sweetie! I guess this happens when I am a widow at home and we're not on the computers at the same time. :-) So very proud of you and all you have achieved. Your Dad was proud of you in life and I know he is with you in spirit and so very proud of what a great son he has. :-) I'm sure he kinda is even happy over the wife his son chose... :-) Very well done today! So happy to have you as my running partner and my partner in life! :-) SMOOCHIES!!! :-)

  • Thank you, Sweetheart!! I wouldn't have done any of this without you!! I am sure that you are correct about Dad being happy about my finding you!! You are the greatest blessing in my life!!

    I Love You!!

  • Brilliantly done - and very touching too. It must be wonderful to share these great achievements with Gayle. Congratulations!

  • Thank you so very much! You are absolutely right, I think that sharing every step of every run with Gayle is what I am the most proud of!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Well done! Bet your dad was watching and is very proud of you.

  • Thank you, Ali!! I have to say that he was with me all the way through this run!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • I received the same message and reported it!

  • Hi Steve,

    You have both done really well - I'm guessing that today was on the treadmill - or were you braving the 14 inches of snow?

    Good to see another recommendation for Zombies - I've been looking for a way to "enhance my running experience" as frankly I'm getting a bit bored with Stepping Stones and still can't do Stamina consistently. I'm thinking of trying the Zombies thing. Have to sort out a playlist first though - actually since I think you have to do Zombies on a phone I have to work out how to get music onto my new shiny smartphone! So far I've been doing all the podcasts on an ancient ipod.

    Anyway - well done on your 10K - I'll reply to Gayle separately. You are both an inspiration!

  • He braved all of it outdoors! :-)

  • Thank you, Ann!! As Gayle mentioned, this run was outdoors!!

    Zombies is fantastic!! It was so nice to have something to think about other then my huffing and puffing!! A few times I even caught myself talking back to the program and even waving at them!! :-)

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Way to go guys! Very inspiring for someone just setting out like me :-)

  • Thank you so much!! You can do this!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Just posted on Gayles blog - you guys are Awesome! Thanks for posting -just for once didnt cry to Gayle's inspirational post - but to yours Steve!! :-) Lovely to hear you did it for your Dad - keep it up! Will be thinking of you both when I run tomorrow - no excuses!!

    S xx

  • Oh my, thank you, but no need for tears!! Gayle and I are both blessed with the opportunity to run. Even more than that, I am blessed to be able to run with such an amazing woman!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Amazing, Steve - I'm sure your dad is looking down and is very proud of you. A fantastic achievement - well done :)

  • Thank you very much, Annie!! As I mentioned to someone else, I know that him a several others were along with me for every step!! That thought made every heaving breath worth it!!

    Thanks again and Keep Running!! :-)


  • What can I say Steve......super fantastic!! :D Your dad will indeed be very proud of his son and what he has achieved in such a short time. I knew you would make it! Well done on getting out there in deep snow too :O

    Good to hear from you and keeeeeeep running!!


  • Thank you so very much, Sue!! Responding to this post made me remember...I have greepers to order!! I think that will be my little reward for this run!!

    Thank you for all of your support as we have all been making this journey together! I have to say that Gayle and I have found many friends here and please know that you are very high on that list!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • I am truely touched Steve; thank you! It is definitely mutual believe me! :)

    Now....go spend some money!!! :D


  • You are a total star, Steve! Your Dad would be so proud of you - and what a positive and lovely way to mark his anniversary. Congratulations to Gayle, too, fantastic achievement! You are both an inspiration, thank you.

    We've had snow but nothing lasting or really enjoy to play in. Well done for doing your run outside in those wintry conditions.

  • Thank you for yor kind words, Soozz!! Gayle deserves all of the credit!! It was her idea to start this little journey and she was also the one to keep me on the program and not stray to a point that I injured myself!! I owe all of my success to her!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Congratulations, Steve! A very moving blog. So impressive that you went out in such extreme conditions as well. I hope the next bit of weather doesn't cause you both too much trouble.

  • Hey, hey, Greenie!! Thank you so much for your kindness!! The conditions were perfect for a great run that day!!

    Keep Running and I will be watching you on Garmin Connect!! :-)


  • Hi Steve, I have missed your wise comments floating around the site so welcome back :) what a beautiful post, very touching. I miss my Dad too. Congratulations on getting to 10k you and your Dad will be very proud I'm sure.

    Jems x

    P.s. the love duet between you and Gayle is lush :)

  • Thank you, Jedda!! I am not so sure about wise, unless you consider wise meaning that I have messed most things up and then had to learn from my mistakes!! If that is the case, wise I may be!!

    The wonderful memories of my Dad floating through my mind made this run possible! That, along with the unendind support of Gayle, keeps me running!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Great to hear from you Steve! I think your progress, as well as your support is legendary. I have been wandering how you both were doing. Looks like B210k is going very well. It's a testament to your dad, I am sure he would be very proud.

    Tricia :D

  • Thank you very much, Tricia!! Your wonderful words are fantastic and very much appreciated!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Good going Steve! Congrats on your first 10K and many more to follow!

  • Thank you, Gramma!! It was quite a journey!! Many more to follow??? Do I really have to??? LOL I am still sore from this one!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Well done Steve, and you too Gayle.

    Viki :-)

  • Thank you very much, Viki!! I am glad that I got it done before the second round of snow!! I think I would have traded running for skiing!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Way to go Steve!!

    An achievement and a lovely post.

    you and Gayle are such inspirations.

    alix :-)

  • Thank you, Ali!! I owe it all to Gayle!! She has been an incredible partner through this whole journey!!

    Thanks again and Keep Running!! :-)


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