I need a plan

I have registered for the Matso's Dash Run in Broome on the 10th of July. It is 11.3k of hard packed sand. To most people it is nothing but to me it is Huuuge. I registered to force myself to go forward. So far I have just been unable to reach the 10k.

So I need a plan. I need to be fit. I need to be faster ( this morning run was 9.26 minutes per k), I need to be able to complete the run.

So far : 1) started doing three type of exercises to get my "gluteus" firming up. 10 each/ 3 times a day. 2) a couple of sit ups and push ups (wall / bench) and squats. 3) Three short runs a week.

My intention is to try to increase my runs by 500 metres a week? Or a fortnight? Is it too much or not enough?

I am also interested in knowing about food. To get energy without putting on weight. Keeping in mind I am turning 69 soon.

Really I need any information which will help me to do this run. A bit less than six months to go.

Thank you guys.


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26 Replies

  • Increasing one run by 500m a week is do-able. Keep the others shorter. And the supporting strength exercises are a great idea. Sounds like you've got a great plan.

  • Thank you, I will increase one once a week and see how I go

  • You could try looking up a 10k training plan as your run is only slightly longer. That would give your 3 runs a week some structure. The strengthening exercises sound wise - take care to look after your ankles, too - sand is murder on my Achilles if mine are weak.

    It would also be worth doing some of your training runs on hard sand too, so you get used to it.

    And GOOD LUCK😀

  • Thanks, Yes I will read on 10k plan. Hopefully it won't be too hard.

  • I am lucky as I already run on sand. Packed sand when the tide is out so I should be ok there

  • Just had a look at the Bupa 10k plan. The one for beginner. I Got a surprise.

    Week 5 is 6k run. Ok, I can do this.

    Week 6 is 50 minutes run. I can do this.

    Then Week 7 is 10k run ! Where am I supposed to find the strenght and energy ?

    It jumps from 6k to 10k. Bugger that, I think from week 6 I will run 6k and continue with 500 metres increments to reach the 11.3k (12k)

  • Woohooo! Goooo copiiine! :)

    It sounds like your plan is already well on the way - muscling up and slowing increasing distance. I've heard a lot of people raving about the speed and stamina apps - maybe you could do one of them as one of your three runs? I wouldn't increase distance on more than one run per week.

    As for food, hmm. My natural instinct is to advise pains au chocolats, but dried fruit is a good source of energy for running, or carbohydrates like pasta that you can burn slowly?

  • Hoooo pains au chocolate.... Mmmmm, wouldn't that be nice. Warm ones too.

    I had reduced my intake of pasta to once a week or fortnight so to lose weight, I will re-consider.

    Speed and stamina, is it the C25K+ ? If so this is the one I have been doing.

    Hubby has been advised to source a nice medal for me just in case this mob does not give one 😬

  • Theres nothing like a booked race to spur us on!!

    I believe the general rule when trying to increase distance is not to try to speed up at the same time . They say ,that by increasing one run per week by 10% until you reach your goal is the safest way of preventing injury. This has definitely worked for me- also it makes it more achievable and therefore I didnt let myself down !!

    I think when you do this , the regular running will just naturally nudge up your speed . For me, distance was the priority😀.

    Sorry, I've whittered on- good luck with the plan 😁 X

  • Thanks for this. 10% sounds good to me.

  • I wonder whether it might also be good to slow a bit so that you time yourself over the whole distance then work on increasing you speed? Knowing that you can do it at a certain pace may add to your confidence.

    Well done and very good luck!

  • Thank you Norni. i am really excited about it

  • Bananas are supposed to be good. Energy without being too heavy. The guys at Wimbledon eat bits between games so can't be bad!

  • I love bananas. I usually run on an empty stomach but on D day will make sure to have one

  • Bananas are fab, as are Brazil nuts. Lots of energy without too much chewing!

  • Thanks. Brazil nuts would be better to carry instead of squashed bananas 😃

  • "to most people it is nothing". Errr I don't think so! To most people that would be massive! As a person on Week4 Run 1 that is utterly impossible. So cut yourself some slack. As for your "getting there" plan, I'll leave that to those much smaller in number for whom it is nothing! Good luck with it :-)

  • Helsbels, I felt the same earlier on and never ever believe I would do five or six k . But it did happen. Let me know when you catch up and I will tell you "I told you so" 😄

  • Good luck m'dear. The 10% rule is the one to follow. I know what you mean about those running plans suddenly ramping up the number of km run in a week. I think a homegrown plan has lots of advantages. You could go for the old staple of 1 slow long run increasing week by week; 1x 5k at your normal pace; and one speed intervals or hill session. whatever you choose, good luck :)

  • Thanks AncientMum, yes the 10% is my preferred option. Hills are not my favour. Running back home from the beach I have three choices. One is up a 19 metres hill or sand dune from beach to road, the next "hill" further down is about 2.5 metres high 🙀 from beach to carpark , and the last choice is just flat flat flat all the way home. My favoured.

  • Sounds like you're pulling together a sensible plan there. I got stuck in a distance rut for about 4 months - I just couldn't get any further without knowing / feeling I was risking injury. Then, all of a sudden it all clicked. The legs felt stronger. I managed to up my distance by 3k in 4 weeks and I still feel I could do more. Hopefully your core training will help you in the same manner. Good luck

  • Thanks goonkeepgoing, You make me feel better. I really believed I would never go further. I am glad to know I am not the only one. I am just human after all !

  • Brilliant ! Well done for taking up the challenge !

    Oh I love the big events, exciting times ahead ! I think your plan sounds really good with the strengthening exercises .

    Good luck with your training ! xxx

  • Thank you poppy, I have grandiose expectations. This Broome Marathon has three run: a 42.2k Marathon, a 19.6k life something run, and the 11.3k Matso's dash run. So, although I will be doing the peeWee run, I will still feel part of the big picture.

    Go me...

  • Yay ! Go you ! xxx

  • Hi nhs.

    Only just saw your post. I lived in Broome for a year until 2013 and sincerely hope you have a deliciously cold Matso's ginger beer waiting for you at the end of your run!! Even in July it's going to be sooo hot and a challenging run

    Good luck!

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