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Advice please for upcoming 10k


Hiya, I need some advice and I know guys are the ones to come to.

I'm doing my first ever 10k race on 31 May. I have done a couple of 9k runs and ran 10k 2 Sundays ago.

I plan on continuing to run 3 times a week as I have done since graduation. My standard run is 5.2k. I thought I would continue with that but perhaps do a 6-7k run this Friday. Then 2 or 3 of my usual runs next week.

Does this sound reasonable? Should my last run before the race be on Thursday or Friday?

I feel fit enough for the run, and want to make sure I am also rested enough - so trying to get the balance right before the event.

I'm feeling a bit nervous and just want to do the best thing.

Thank you all in advance :-) xx

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Hi Pink angel! You sound like you're getting well prepared , already doing 9ks and a 10k! just looked up my training before my 1st 10k race last October, did 2 10k's(my 1st ones! - one a week) in with a 7k at club night usually and 3 or5k: my last run was just 3k, 2 days before the race........( so maybe run on the friday just a small one? everyones different though........ didn't have a set plan to follow, but i think once you have done the distance pre race, you have confidence that you will be ok, and the race day fever will carry you through! You'll do great! :)


HI PinkAngel, I think you have approached this in a very similar way to me. I usually run Mondays (long run), Wednesday (1/2 hr intervals), and Saturday (Parkrun). When I did my 10k race I did the same Monday and Wednesday runs then nothing until the Sunday so I had 3 days rest beforehand and it worked well for me. Good luck for 31st, I'm sure it will go well for you.


It takes about 3 weeks for any trainngt result in improved fitness or muscle strength. So there is nothing you do now that can make you better prepared. Nothing. All you can do is to avoid losing fitness.

Conventional wisdom says you should be tapering before a race. The purpose is to make sure your muscles are not tired while at the same time ensuring your cardiovascular fitness has not reduced. Your best bet is to continue training with the same intensity but reduced distances, and for a 10 km race you're probably looking at a 1 week taper.

So run as normal this week. Next week do your usual 3 runs, but make them 50% of the distance. Give yourself two days rest before the race. You will feel rested and strong and ready and roaring to go. Then go and make us all proud in the race.

I won't wish you goo luck, for it has nothing to do with luck. It's all about making sure you are rested, fit and ready. Go get 'em!

WristyGraduate in reply to Tomas

this. exactly this!

Sounds like pretty good prep to me. I've been doing a 10k race every month for the last eight months and my general approach every week is a couple of 5ks midweek, usually Tuesday and Thursday followed by "long run Saturday" which is anything from 10k up, depending on my mood. Race day then becomes "just another" long run Saturday, albeit with a few hundred people running with you!

10k really is a great race distance. Long enough to test you, but not too long that it requires serious training routines. You'll love it, I'm sure!


Sounds like great advice. Rest for two days before the race and take it easy on the other runs during the week, either half the usual distance or a gentle 5k jog.

I had exactly the same concerns before my first 10K a few weeks ago. I was following an Asics plan but didn't follow it to the letter - ie I didn't run two consecutive days. The week before my race I ran a slow 5K on the Tuesday, a slow 5K on the Thursday and then rested until the race on Sunday. I tried to drink lots of water during the week and even gave up all alcohol the week before which was a big sacrifice for me!

You'll do a fab job in the race pinkangel - whatever you do.


Thanks everyone for your advice. I think I'm doing the right thing, so I'm pleased about that :).

Looking forward to a 6ish k run tomorrow morning, then will do 2 more 5ks with 2-3 days rest before hand.

I will be as healthy as I can the week before - although to be fair I eat healthily anyway - lots of salad, fruit, veg, etc.. and lots of water. Not sure I'm prepared to completely give up the alcohol - the night before yes, but the night before that.. a Friday after a hard week at work.. not likely me thinks!

:) xx

IrishprincessGraduate in reply to pinkangel16

Aha I don't work any more but completely understand about not giving the alcohol up. When I worked I was able to judge what sort of day I had by how quickly I had my first glass. So, on a good day I changed clothes first, on a bad day I took my jacket off first and on a really bad day I didn't get to take off my jacket at all. But that was all before running so everything is different!

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to Irishprincess

I am so much more moderate than I've ever been. That came from being put on warfarin for 6 months following a pulmonary embolism :( about 18 months ago, and not drinking more than a glass of wine a week.

I'm still on medication but it's a much friendlier one which allows alcohol, cranberries and spinach - all things which don't go with warfarin.

So now I can enjoy a vino or gin and slim and very rarely go ott :) :)

IrishprincessGraduate in reply to pinkangel16

Blimey pinkangel you've been through a lot. It must make running even more special.

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to Irishprincess

It's been a life saver, that's for sure.

I have massive gratitude to C25K and this fab forum :) xx

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