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Week 6 completed at last

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Well week 6 lasted 11 days due to a long weekend city break and some (minor) sickness in the middle of the week The hard part was getting out to do week 6 day 2 after a break but I did it and finished off today with week 6 day 3. As so many people have mentioned getting out on these darker, colder days is much harder but the feeling when you have done it can't be beaten. The encouragement and advice especially to take it slowly, is much appreciated - keep on running.

2 Replies

Very well done.. the dark days can be real testers of spirit! But, you got out there...:)

You do right to keep it slow and keep it steady.. it is the only way to get to that Graduation podium safely :)


Well done ! Everyone who steps out in this weather and does any running deserves a gong !

I found my first run in frosty chill last week a bit of a challenge but felt great having at least ran on a par with my previous run. Relieved at first but when got home and warmed up felt good and got my cheesy grin back !


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