Exhausted but determined

Hi there,

I'm new here. Just completed week 2 - should have been week 3 but a lousy cold set me back. I am middle aged and unfit and do not have a particularly athletic physique (ahem!) but I am absolutely determined to do this. In week 1 I kept getting a stitch about half way through the session but that has gone now, so that's something. Everything aches but I think that's a good thing :-) I don't think I've ever been so determined to do something as I am with this. Set myself a target - to run 10km by October next year. Do you think it's do-able?


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  • Hello and welcome and well done for starting and getting the first week done. You do sound determined and that attitude will really help throughout the programme. Most of us here were unfit when we started and many are .... ahem ..... not a spring chicken any more ๐Ÿ™‚ so you're in great company. This is a fab community, very supportive and fun too.

    Your stitch might have been caused by running too fast so the slower you go the better as the motion helps to build up your running legs.

    You will get some aches as your body gets used to the movement but make sure you stretch after each run and maybe consider getting proper running shoes. The 10K is definitely achievable and you'll probably run it earlier than you think! Good luck and enjoy.


  • Hi there Allegravivace and welcome! :)

    Yes, absolutely your target is very much achievable if you stick with the C25K plan. The 'trick' is to not run! Seriously, just jog along as slow as you can go really and in the end you will complete the plan and can pick up the pace afterwards. I also recommend you get your gait checked out at a decent store selling trainers/outdoor equipment (I went to Snow+Rock in Birmingham city centre), then buy a decent pair of lightweight, comfortable trainers with good cushioning.

    I think just about everyone on this forum (yes, me too!) was in exactly the same situation as you. Inasmuch as we were all quite unfit, having not done much in the way of exercise since leaving school (many moons ago in my case! lol)

    So, just go nice and steady and listen to Laura then you won't go wrong.

    Good luck! :)

  • Oh yes!

    Lots of us start off just like you. Encroaching poor health drags us off the couch and forces us to confront our sloth. You're here now and doing this fantastic programme which will get you towards fitness. It really works! Stick with it. Slow but sure. Slow jogs are all you need to punctuate your slow walks. It's not too hard as long as you go steady

    We'll do it with you. You won't be on your own. Have fun! This is a golden time. You better believe it!

  • Thank you. I've read a few posts and it certainly does look like a very friendly and supportive community, which is just what I need.

  • This is a great place for help - they got me through it. Stretching is definitely helpful with the aches. I still suddenly get new aches but I look online for an appropriate stretch to add to my repertoire and it always seems to help. Enjoy your journey - slow and steady is definitely the way to achieve success.

    Ps age is irrelevant my mum recently started this at the age of 77! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I think that is absolutely doable. You are doing brilliantly and your determination will get you through your body complaining!! Keep going and before you know it you will b running for 30 minutes...

  • Well done. Everyone starts at a snails pace . You have already shown brilliant determination in not letting a bad cold put you off so early in the programme. Keep going, it's a great feeling completing each week. Many of us repeated weeks and sessions or take a few days away if poorly. The trick is to just keep on as you are doing. Good luck for w3.

  • Thank you so much. I never thought I'd say this but I'm actually looking forward to it!

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