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Really sad but determined!


I have basically been told not to run again - I have a vey bad medial meniscus tear. This, however, does not faze someone who is a Couch to 5k Graduate - we are stonger than that, people, and will rise to any challenge! But I need some advice. I am thinking of doing the thing all over again but walking instead of running. So when Laura says "walk", I walk, but when she says "run", I speed walk. Does anyone a) think this is a plan, b) that it will work, or c) if not, does anyone have any alternative suggestions? Thanks - I need to get back and I need to get back fast! x

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Personally, I find walking fast much harder on my body than running so I wouldn't necessarily think this is a good alternative to running.

I hear your need to be active! Consulting with a health professional with the right level of expertise to be able to tell you what you *can* do as well as *can't* seem like the way to go. Possibly it will need to be something like swimming (although again, personally that's more likely to produce the clunks, grinds and sharp pains but I don't think that's typical)

Don't underestimate the power of gentle yoga either.

Rockette1Graduate in reply to GoogleMe

Thanks for your feedback. I will certainly take your advice and seek alternative help. Cheers.

Hmm. I think that is a terrible plan.

You need to rehab your knee and let your meniscus tear heal and then recover from that or you will end up needing surgery.

It seems a little odd that your Dr has advised you never to run again. I have freinds who have had major meniscus surgery to repair completely wrecked meniscus and been running agn in a few months. My wife works in a hospital replacing whole knees and hips etc and teh patients are able to return to active duty afterwards. "Never" is a very unusual word for a Dr to use, and you should get a second opinion if you are in doubt, BUT it certainly does not sound like the Dr is advocating any kind of speed walking programme at present.

Out of interest why exactly do you 'need to get back fast'?

Rockette1Graduate in reply to Rignold

Sorry , hte expression "get back fast" was just a turn of phrase meaning I am eager to get back into it. Thank you for your advice.

GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Rignold

I wish I could agree that 'never' is a very unusual word for a doctor to use.

But this sounds like a complicated situation - there's a whole load of injury in your posting history Rockette1, and this one looks like it happened 18 months ago, so what's been happening in terms of rehab/healing since?


I have been letting it heal, did physio and to be perfectly honest, am still a litlle scared of it! But I really want to get back. As you say, I haven't been very lucky (by the way, completely unrelated torn deltoid muscle now as well for which Ihey are sending me back to physio!) But now I want to get back to feeking as good as I did whilst doing the programme. Thanks for the reply, by the way!


Can you really never run again? Was that a sports osteopath or physiology that told you? If it wasn't, go and see one as they can advise on running, technique etc... Good luck 😎

Rockette1Graduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thank you - I am going to research the above and get further advice.


Oh no... 😨 but is it worth seeking other advice? 'Never' is a hard word. I hope you can find alternatives or even better find some way of healing so that you can run again. Take care, and all the best x


As you can see from my post I know how you feel...

I find walking for longer than 30 minutes painful - as is standing, or sitting for too long ...

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