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Determined this time

Hi Everyone

Thought I'd start posting my progress to help me keep on track

I originally started couch to 5k last year but for one reason and another didn't get past week 2.

Started again a couple of weeks ago and this time I'm determined to complete it. I have had enough of being fat and unfit and needed to do something about it. I really can't imagine that I'll ever be able to run when I can get out of breath just walking up the stairs!

Yesterday was my first wk3 run and I was dreading the thought of having to run for 3 mins, but very pleased with myself for completing it!

What week has everyone found the most difficult?

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Hi Slinkyminky - congratulations on your progression and giving it another go. I finished wk4 today, but so far, I think the 1st week was the hardest for me. I don't think my body knew what had hit it!

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Hi Slinkyminky , well done on getting back out there , don't worry about week 3 or any of the runs, take each one as it comes ☺

Think we all have had difficult weeks along the way, that is part of running , good days and no so good days.

Keep at it you doing great 😊


Hardest week by far was W1r1. I was anxious in case anyone saw me, I wasn't 100% committed and I delayed starting for about 3 weeks.

That was 2 years ago. Now I run 3 times a week, do parkrun and have entered 10k runs. Last week on a business trip with colleagues in Munich we went out for group run and I wasn't the slowest or the most tired.

Thankyou NHS... But W1r1 was still the hardest.


I have been procrastinating about doing this for weeks and in all honesty it was your words that made me get out there and start. Good luck to you. I'm on day 2 week 1


Wk1 was the most difficult for me too! Once I had cracked that, the other weeks did not seem so bad. Mind you, I am only on wk4, I am expecting a few more hiccups along the way!


Hi All

Completed Wk3 Run2 tonight.

It was a bit of a strange one really. I was looking forward to doing it (did i really just say that?), found the 1st 3 min run quite hard, but the 2nd 3 min run i enjoyed anc actually felt like i could carry on running for longer!

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For me the most difficult week was W3; it is the first "jump" in the programme and, although the running bits are actually limited in absolute terms, in relative terms you have to double them - from 90 seconds to 1 minute and a half.

There are other "jumps" of the same entity in the programme, but when you reach them you are already enjoying the first signs of being fitter and you have greater confidence in what you can achieve.


Well that's week 3 finished!

Not sure why but feeling a little underwhelmed, for some reason I don't feel like I've done much today, although I have completed wk3 and done all the 3 min runs.

Very odd feeling, wk4 (next week) here I come!!!


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