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Just turned 46 and am 113kg and 6'1". I am DETERMINED to

A. Graduate

B. Lose weight to get below 100kg, and

C. Complete my local town's 6km Fun Run without walking

Turns out that C. occurs just when I am about to complete week 9 so I hope that is not too early, but the main reason for my question is that I don't seem to be losing weight as fast as I would have liked. (I am only 2.5kg down from when I started C5k course). Any suggestions on this? Is this normal for weight loss on this course? I have just completed run 1 of week 7.

Thanks everyone for the encouraging messages by the way. Running can be a lonely sport but I really don't feel that when I read forums such as this....

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Hi King9fisher,

I will try to answer your question .

To lose 1kg you roughly need to burn 8300 calories.

At the moment, you burn approximately 400 calories per run, so you would need to run nearly 21 hours to lose 1kg!

On top of that, you are building muscles which weight more than fat, so losing weight through exercise is hard to measure. How about taking measurements ?

But don't give up, your weight is coming down, and that is what matters.

Well done on getting to week 7 and on your weight loss. You are definitely going in the right direction.


Yes -- 13Kg is going to take a fair while to lose. I have lost around 4Kg over 4 months of running 3 times per week - with no change in my diet. I believe that to lose that amount of weight 13Kg within say 6 months, you are going to have to carefully consider what and how much you are eating/drinking.


Well done - great goals. The weight loss sounds reasonable to me - about 0.5kg per week is what nutritionists tend to recommend and you are not far off that. Keep going - losing weight slowly and steadily tends to be more sustainable in the long term although I appreciate it is frustrating that it is not going so quickly. So congrats - sounds like you have made fab progress so far. And if you are comfortable at week 7, I would have thought the 6k should be doable. You can always just slow the pace and I am sure the buzz of the crowd will carry you along part of the way! Good luck


If you are determined, this programme will help you to achieve your goals. But losing weight is a simple equation - you need to take in fewer calories than you use. The running will help, but without changing your intake, the weight won't fall off.

Lots of people use Myfitnesspal. A good number of us have successfully used Slimming World or Weight Watchers. Losing weight is also a lonely sport and some support certainly helps.

Good luck!

Reply Have a look at this for weight loss, its free and it worked for me. There is also a forum similar to this one. I lost 11 kilos before I started c25k but have not lost any since, although my body shape has changed dramatically for the better.

You should be fine with C provided you take it slowly and don't start too fast.

Good luck & enjoy.


It is possible! As the others have said, certainly in the initial couple if weeks you will not notice much weight loss, if any, but you should see a change in your shape! Now that you are getting into the longer runs, you will start to notice more of an effect. I used to try to time my runs so that I would do them just before a meal . I found the endorphin rush from completing a run took away some of my appetite. I really started loosing weight though, when I combined running 3 times a week with fasting 2 days a week - I've lost over 20 kg (and I don't calorie count on the 5 days I don't fast).

Good luck in your 6k run - that sounds a great graduation target! Keep up the running, your determination (as shown by getting this far through the program) will get you to your goals. Let us know how you get on.


Firstly, good on you for getting out there and giving it a go.

I have always believed that to lose weight you need a lifestyle change, and by starting running you have done that. There is that slightly cruel twist that any weight you lose (through fat loss) is balanced out to some extent by muscle gain. Muscle gain is good though, because you are toning it, and that makes you a better shape.

I lost about 5 - 7Kg through dieting before I started, and I thought running would help me shave a few more Kg's off. It didn't. I still weigh about the same as when I started running, but my trousers are looser, and I can wear the 'slim fit' shirt my wife bought me 2 years ago. The difference now though is that I don't have that nagging voice in the back of my mind when I eat what I want.

Set yourself a goal of how you want to look and feel, and of course that all important fun run. You will do it!

Good luck, and take is steady.


Guys I really want to say that I appreciate all the comments and wishes. I know that my particular belly took a few years to arrive at so I very much doubted that it would simply go away within the first few months of running but nobody likes to be classified as 'obese'. I am not quite sure that fasting is the way to go even if it is only 2 days per week, but as I am currently living in the land of 'beer and sausages', I certainly think that careful consideration of what I do eat and drink is necessary!

Thanks all!


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