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Week 4,Run 2 and Parkrun


Run 2 done,came through comfortably (minus scratching myself on a fence slightly at the end of the first run but nothing to worry about!) Run 3 planned for Saturday morning as the weather is due to change gradually - trying to work out the Week 5 runs and how to fit them in as I'm travelling to campus later on Tuesday for meetings,back Thursday.

Anyhow,best session on Tuesday - topped by my best session to date today! 4.33km,so very good for me and didn't feel it too much! The last run was the one that I really felt on Tuesday afternoon,didn't really feel it too much today!

Almost halfway through the 9 weeks and in good shape - hard to believe I was having those stitch issues in Week 2 and since then,not an issue at all :)

Oh,and registered for Parkrun (finally...) but won't do one until I've got safely and comfortably through W9. Onwards and upwards! :)


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Great progress!

Why are you waiting to do the Parkrun?

You could do it as one of your runs and just walk any remaining distance. (that what I did)

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It's only W4 in the programme. Looking at the times half of the runners set at my local one,wouldn't want to embarrass myself this early. Want to be absolutely sure before doing my first one that I can keep pace.


That's going really well. You must be running fast to cover that sort of distance at this stage. You may find you need to rein it back very slightly to keep going for the longer runs - then again you may just be super fit!

Enjoy week 5!


I do like to walk in my rest days so I'd side with fit :) But trying to slow it down as much as I can and somehow my head is telling me it's too slow! It's a purely mental thing I think!


That is fast at this stage as Ullyrunner says! Wow...well done.

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