Week 4 - Run 2

Week 4 - Run 2

Well I did it! Despite the weather and the rain... I decided it was raining light enough to complete run 2. So went out and ran! Managed to step on glass :( (couldn't avoid it) and a piece went through the sole like a hot knife to butter, luckily it didn't cut through. I could hear it digging it's way in so didn't put too much pressure on the foot and slowed down just in case. Eventually had to stop and take it out, didn't want to end up in A&E.

With all that happening, still managed to run a minute faster than run 1....happy!

fyi, Just checked my running socks, and the right one has a little hole in it...surprise surprise.

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  • Hi Saul,

    Was just wondering how you got on! You are way faster than me!!!! i'm doing 14 min miles at the moment! Haha!

    Good on you! Glad the foot is okay, good job the glass didn't go right through. I'm off out in the morning to do run 2 as the weather forecast is good. I've got an early appointment at the Lymphodema clinic at 8am so going to that first then run after!!! I'll let you know how it goes!!!

    Elsie x

  • Good Luck for tomorrow, both clinic and the run.

  • Ouchy! That was close, never stepped on glass, plenty of twigs and leaves plus mud. How r ur trainers after that? Good run even though that happened, keep it up!

  • The glass cut right the way through into the inner sole. Can feel the cut with my finger. Luckily it was my old pair! would have been really peed if it happened to the new ones.

    There was so much glass on the floor that I just didn't have enough time to move away, one of the downsides of running at night I suppose.

    Anyway onward and upwards, I am safe and sound and will be a bit more vigilant in the future.

  • Hi Saul!

    I did my 2nd run today! Got up early went to my nurse appointment and set off round the park! It was a lovely morning and completed it with relative ease! How are you feeling about week 5? I'm terrified! Tempted to repeat week 4! E xxx

  • Hi Elsie,

    Well done! Did you find run 2 easier than run 1? My mental thinking is I approach my runs as follows:

    1st run - blind listening to Laura.

    2nd run - I know what is coming so I am that more relaxed & confidant.

    3rd run - I try to push myself that much more simply to better run 2's timing. Self satisfaction and in a way prepare (mentally) for the next week, if that makes sense.

    Just had a look at week 5 and I think we can both knock this out no bother. Run 1 & 2 seem similar to week 4, so we are mentally prepared for it already and run 3 being the test, but as Laura says " Keep it slow" and don't over do it.

    I'm sure that you can do it, and won't need to re do week 4.


  • Everyone is frightened about week 5, have a look at the old posts to re-assure yourself! Trust the programme, week 5 comes after week 4 because it can be done. Don't think about week 5, just take one run at a time - week 5, run 1 is not much harder than what you already did! If u think it will be hard, reduce your speed a little so it is even more achievable. Let us know how u both get on, we remember it well and look forward to celebrating with u soon. Julie

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