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1st week complete

I've just completed Run 3 Week 1 so my first week on Couch to 5K and I have to say it went better than I thought it would. I haven't run for years mainly preferring cycling and walking but it was great with the podcast in my ear telling me what to do and when. I'm actually looking forward to Week 2 now. I've lost 2lb this week so I like to think the jog contributed. Hope everyone else who started last week has done well also.

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It might not make less of you...but you will feel fine ! Toned and tighter!

Welcome to the forum, it is friendly, supportive, and everyone is so helpful!

Many of us, cycle, and walk in conjuction with our running... plus exercises on rest days too. I do yoga and swimming too.

Keep posting and the mantra you will hear from most of us, is steady and slow...this is your journey and it is an enjoyable one... or should be :) One of my favourite quotes is,

"Don't follow other paths, make your own and it will lead you to where you want to be " :)


Well Oldfloss I'm certainly hoping to feel more toned - I do something active everyday whether its cycling, walking, gym, swimming or now ...running.

Thanks for the welcome to this Forum - I don't always have time to post but I love to read comments for motivation

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Fair enough... : You have time to run and that is the best bit... :)

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Well done! Yes the voice over is brilliant isn't it. Just what we need ☺

Good news on the weight loss. It will vary so,don't expect 2 lbs every week 😊 If you keep running, walking and cycling whilst eating a healthy diet then you will realise your fitness goals. Always ensure you have good eats available to keep you from reaching for the wrong things. You won't need extra grub on c25k. It's only when you start running half marathons that you can have some extra calories

Crack on with the programme, slow but sure is the mantra. Go,steady and you'll be fine ☺

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Well done!! That's great :)


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