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It's definitely taken me way longer than I planned to complete week six... Three weeks ago I did the first run and all this week I've been attempting the third run. After doing the twenty minutes in week five I thought this would be a breeze. I was gutted when I could only do fifteen mins at maximum this week! Then yesterday I decided that I was going to have to push through and stop being a wimp, so I slowed my pace a little and went for it. I even had plenty of energy left in the end to push myself for the last minute!

I remember struggling with five minute runs in week four, and yesterday I did 25 whole minutes! I feel so good about myself at the moment. Today I pushed my niece up a huge hill in her pushchair and I didn't even get out of breath!

Very excited to continue on this journey. Never thought I'd say I could run!

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Well done. Not long to go now.

You know you can do this


Thank you! Graduation is officially in sight :)


Well done. Bit by tiny bit we continue to amaze ourselves but I guess that's what this programme is about. Good luck with moving on to week 7 and best wishes.

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Thank you! I'm excited!


Well done - sounds like you've found "your pace" by slowing it down a bit and you DID IT! Keep it up! Only a few more weeks now to graduation... Imagine how great that's going to feel!


Yeah I'm going to focus on building speed after I've finished the c25k! Thanks, it's gonna be the best feeling ever!


No need to race yet! All about pace...

Personally, I'm looking forward to pulling on my "C25K" graduate running top in 3 weeks and heading out on a high... Can't wait...


Yeah, I kept being a wimp so it was time to stop and buckle down! Thanks :)


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