Week 2,R2

Gutted doesn't cover my mood after that one. Early evening run this one,first four 90 sec runs good and pace good,then started to feel proper pain on my right side (ribs) and had to fast walk part of the penultimate mini run before being okay to do the last one,(didn't happen on Run 1) and my iPod workout tracker said 43 secs slower. Not a happy bunny on the warm down - starting to think already this isn't working for me :(

Anyone that thinks I'm not doing this right is probably,right.



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11 Replies

  • Aaahhhh! A practice run then. Things don't always go to plan, the trick is to not let the gremlins win and try again. Chances are you will beat those b*****s into submission :-D At this stage don't get hung up about time, your body is building stamina and muscle strength to enable you to progress. Remember, if you are struggling slow down and then slow down some more. Much better to be slow and complete the run than go faster and end up with a practice. Am confident that next time out will be better :-) Happy running - that's why we do it!!

  • Be mindful, doesn't matter if it takes longer to finish then 9 weeks. Approach each run as a new day and forget what happened on last run. It is important to listen to your body though. You still ran

  • Well Mark stop that thinking that it will not work, because it does work, pop this one down as a practice run. It probably won't be the last either. Practice runs are good they build stamina and strength, you are doing great keep at it.

  • Aw please don't beat yourself up, cut yourself a bit of slack here .

    You don't have to worry about pace, there is only one " speed " at this stage and that is slow.

    Its just a gentle jog, it doesn't matter if you were slower than Run 1, its not about speed , its about building stamina.

    Have a rest day tomorrow and please try again. You CAN do this ! :-) xxx

  • Was it a stitch? Or something else? A stitch is best coped with by slowing down and breathing deeply. Don't gulp too much drink immediately before running.

    Mark, I take it by your name that you are a male..........that may be your problem. We men want to prove ourselves, not just improve ourselves. Chill. Forget macho sprinting and stop looking at your times. Running is just a matter of having both feet off the ground as you move forward. You will make better overall progress by slowing a bit and finishing each session, rather than burning out......... I know, I've been there.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Ouch! Don't be so hard on yourself. Try again after a rest and sooner or later you'll nail it. We've all had setbacks but it doesn't mean you can't do this. Be kinder to yourself and give it another go. 💐

  • Oh no, I hate getting a stitch. They happened a few times on my early weeks but I remembered the advice on here and really slowed down for the next run, and didnt drink loads of water in the way round. Dont give up, its such a brilliant program and we all struggle at times during it. But it will be worth it in the end!

  • Do not lose heart. I'm a complete beginner and know that I will have disappointing runs, but the advice I have received here is do not write off any of your runs. If you didn't get to complete for whatever reason then rename it a practice run and do it again. One extra session in the bag after you do complete your 3 so you'll be one up !!!

  • Yes I can only repeat what the others have said, slow down and then slow down some more. There's plenty of time to increase your pace later on, but the important thing is to keep on with the programme. Leave the gremlins back on the couch where they belong!

  • you sound very hard on yourself mrsparkles32 . I am the same! Maybe try going a bit slower and have a look at the other posts about stitches? You will do it!

  • Tomorrow morning is the only window I'll have to do run 3 - we have weather warnings out for Thursday where I live and the rough stuff looks like it's on its' way from tomorrow afternoon. I'll try and do a run tomorrow morning and see where we are then but feel so embarrassed at a side stitch!

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