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Soo.... we did it!! 25 minutes running!! And Laura told me I am now a runner!!!

It has all been a bit confusing, because I managed the 20 minute run a week ago quite easily - my mp3 had packed up and when I finally checked how long we had been running, in my fone, hoping had at least done half of it, we were already on 18 minutes.. But then found W6R1 the hardest run for ages, when I thought it should have felt easy after running for 20 minutes..W6R2 was an improvement and then today, my legs were getting a bit tired in the last 5 minutes, but it felt easier than either of the past two runs which have only totalled 18 minutes and 20 minutes?

Anyway... whatever the reason, it went well and now we have three runs to do that are the same as we did today, which sounds do-able.. Especially as I have to run on my own again twice because will be back badgering in Dorset.

My 9 yr old son is still finding it very easy and actually loves the running, whereas I enjoy the afterglow... ;) So have been looking at secondhand treadmills on eBay because I think he is a little young to run the marathons he is interested in (!!!)) but I don't want to hold him back if he wants to run further than me..

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well done! I've just completed week 6 today too and can totally agree with how you found the 3 runs, it is odd but hey we are runners now 😃

MVeganlatteGraduate in reply to Amandalawrence74

we are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :)


Lots of people are thrown by week6 but you're into the longer runs now and no more walk breaks so you may find it easier to settle into your stride.

Hope your son keeps up his enthusiasm. He might love Parkrun as an alternative to marathons!

MVeganlatteGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

We do plan to do those as there is one every Saturday... but I go huntsabbing every Saturday so the park runs will have to wait for now... hence the treadmill!! (or hamsterball..)

well done and yes you are indeed a runner 🏃onwards to week 7 😀

I'm glad you said that! I've did w6r1 yesterday and totally agree!

The 20 minute run was fine at the end of week 5 and I enjoyed it, yet having the walking breaks yesterday made it feel really tough again. I'm actually looking forward to the longer run without walks - something I NEVER thought I'd say!

MVeganlatteGraduate in reply to NikiJBT

I know! Because I thought I'd be so grateful to be given walk breaks again, but I think they actually made it harder..having to get going again each time? At this point it feels easier to just do the whole run in one.

Well done, and good luck with W6R2

NikiJBT in reply to MVeganlatte

Thanks! I feel I need it 😬

Enjoy week 7 onwards not doing the hard walking bits and just doing the easy bit....running!! 😂

MVeganlatteGraduate in reply to NikiJBT

There is a bit in the W6R3 podcast where Laura tells us that we are now runners... which gives wings to your feet.. ;) x

NikiJBT in reply to MVeganlatte

Ooooh....i'll listen out for that! I like the sound of that 😝😄

Thanks for the heads up! I'll remember that's coming when I'm struggling with w6r2! 😄

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