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W6R3- 5K in 32 minutes

Wow, im so happy! I've been struggeling alot With week 6, thinking it would be easy after W5R3. I had to repeat the first two runs several times, and every time i started on run 3, i ended up doing run 2 instead. (10 min x2)

Anyway, i went out in the rain determined to finish 25 minutes of running today, and ended up With 5 kilometers in 30 minutes instead. When the 25 minutes was up, i actually felt good, and was less than 1 km away from 5K. So i thought to myself- why not give it a go? And i did it! Im so impressed and proud of myself!

But the question is now, should i keep running the programme from week 7, or keep running 5km every time from now on?

Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

And sorry for the poor English, its not my native Language.

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Wow that's amazing well done you :)


Hi. That is impressive.

But I would suggest you stick to the programme. That way you will properly build up your strength and stamina. Your body needs time to adjust to that sort of level of activity. But perhaps if you've been a runner before you might be ok.

But great to know you can do the 5k :-)

And your English is very good indeed :-) x


Fantastic progress and well done on reaching 5k. If it were me, I would still concentrate on completing the programme. Good luck :)


Thanks everyone:) Then i will continue on week 7. This forum is great!


Wow, that's a big jump, and a massive achievement! Well done! I'd say too you should stick with the programme, but if you feel like a longer run sometimes why not?


That is amazing! What an achievement. I would still stick to the program as you will also get that sense of accomplishment at the end of it , just to add to what you ahve already achieved- maybe a good mental boost and motivator to build on? Beth x


Thanks:-) I still can't really believe it, especially since I barely could finish the ten minute runs the same week. And when I start every run it seems impossible, the legs are so heavy and I keep thinking I'm gonna have a heartattack hehe.

But last run I used my own music instead of Lauras, I love her comments and motivational talk, but the music just makes me wanna stop and walk home. Anyone else feel her music is hmm.. not ideal for running? ( Don't wanna insult her)

But now from week 7 and out I guess she doesn't do much talking anyway so I'm not missing that much.

Thanks again everyone. I would definitely like to have the feeling of accomplishment from finishing the programme! ( And being able to say that I did too hihi)

Happy running to you all:-)


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