W6R3 complete: a 'real runner' now!?

Oh yes! It's getting better still. I wasn't sure what really to expect when I set off on the first of the four 25 minute runs except for the end of week 5 as a hint. It wasn't easy at times. I was a bit plodding, I felt, in the first 5 minutes then I couldn't figure out why Laura hadn't told me that I'd done 10 until I got the 12 and a half minute call from her. I guessed she would keep me running till 20 after that, by which time I had just about got past my house again. I decided I would head back to the park and try to get to the start point of my run today. And I did. I even felt good enough to respond to the final sixty seconds encouragement from Laura and pick up my pace a bit.

I tracked better this time by a lot too, but this time I thought I would take out the warmup/ down walks so as to get an idea of the running. Result was 4.26 km in the 25 minutes with an average speed over 10 kph. Unbelievable when you think where it all started. So far it looks like being on track for 5k in 30 minutes but there's still 3 weeks to go. And this was a Sunday run too. Let's see what happens when I do the after school evening runs. (Tuesday and Thursday this week: TBC!!)

I like to think I have been a good student of Laura on the whole and have done it 'by the book'. I haven't done extra running just because I've felt good or whatever. I've kept going when I've felt I could die too. Mainly I have tried to make sure I follow the programme as it is. Although my wife probably feels I obsess over the stats (thanks Endomondo) it's really to help confirm progress and improvement. I want to get better and achieve this but I'm not going to set myself up to fail. I haven't even really looked ahead to the 'what do I do after week 9?' options. I know I will want to keep going and the C25k+ programmes should give me a bit of an extra focus.

But one of the best parts of this programme has been everyone else out there who has contributed to the community and helped me keep going. I am not much of a blogger and don't really do much with Facebook or Twitter despite having both for years. So, thanks guys. Keep up the good work. And keep running.


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12 Replies

  • Nice blog Janda and very well done. We both became runners this morning though your pace is much quicker than mine, I must pick it up a little but I'm not too worried, getting to the end of the programme is what I really want.

    I used Endomondo myself this morning just to see how it compares with my other method and it's very good. Is the pro version worth investing in ?

  • Thanks Chewy. The Pro version gives a number of good extras on display and is ad-free. When accessed through the website there is a wealth of information to set your mind spinning, but helpful too. Worth the money I'd say. Cheers.

  • I bought it for the princely sum of 25p, I feel rather silly for asking now, it's hardly an investment I'm going to regret for that price. But it does look good, some nice features and as you say, no more ads.

  • Hi Janda, well done, you are a runner!

    I too stick to the programme religiously... I feel as though if I follow it to the letter it will work (still hard to believe that I just finished W8 and am running almost 30 minutes!)

    Thank goodness for this community, it will help us figure out what to do when we graduate.

    Good luck with your remaining runs!

  • Thanks. Good luck to you too. One more week to go then!

  • Well done, Janda! Sounds like you'll have 5k in 30 minutes in the bag by week 9, if not before! I love Endomondo too and would be interested to hear what everyone has to say about Pro. I'm at Week 8 but dont anticipate covering the distance by the end of week 9. Not too bothered as, with help and advice from this community (and wings on my heels) know I'll get there eventually! Good luck for the rest of the programme!

  • Thank you. Exactly my thoughts and hence the surprise at how well it seems to be going. I've blogged before that I have always wanted to last the time and work on the distance or time when I know I can keep going long enough. Recommend the Pro version with its graphs and so on: today I could see where it thought I had dropped to 0 kph (pedestrian crossing with car not stopping and me running on the spot!!) and saw how I picked up in the final 60 seconds. Helpful and motivating.

  • Well done Janda, great stuff.

  • I to joined the runners club today - feels great although I am way slower than you but for now I'm focused on getting to the end of the program. And I am with you, huge praise for the forum and all the great people on here, what ever the question / comment there's always someone with the answer or word of encouragement or congratulations :-)

  • Great job, Janda, and a very nice blog entry, too. I finished W6R3 yesterday and wish I could say it is getting better as you do. I'm doing a lot more plodding than running, I'm afraid. Congratulations, again, and keep posting. It's very nice to hear of other's success stories.

  • Cheers guys. Funny business this running: together alone. Most of us are out there by ourselves with our own struggles with the time, the distance, the weather, even Laura ... until we come together like this. Week 7 starts tomorrow. Wish me luck.

  • Go Janda go!!!! :-) Welcome to week 7!!!! You are doing great!!! :-)

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