Wk 6, Run 2 completed

Never mind not getting any faster, I think I might actually be getting slower! I only covered the same distance today as I did on Tuesday but I ran for an extra 4 minutes! I may stop using Strava for a week or so I think!

Question for the Graduates and those ahead of me... Is Wk 6 Run 2 the last of the run/walk/run runs? Is now the time to get my head around only doing the longer runs?


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19 Replies

  • Morning MrsLis. Yes it is, week 7 asks for 3 x 25min runs🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻 Wk 8 is 3 x 28min runs 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻 and THEN your graduation week.....brilliant😀😀😀😀 which is 3 x 30min runs 🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻

    Fantastic. The programme ensures you are ready for this! Happy running👍🏼

  • Thank you - I'd better get myself organised then!

  • It sure is :) It's all consolidation from here on, with very small incremental increases in time. This point in the programme is where a lot of people really start to enjoy it. By now you know you can trust the programme to deliver! Don't even worry about distance at the moment, you just need to focus on running for the set amount of time. I remember becoming very despondent when I first got my Garmin and it showed me the horrible truth about how fast I 'wasnt' going😂 Good luck with your next run and enjoy it :)

  • Thanks McFitty, It's a big step from Run 2 to Run 3 this week but I've managed just about everything that Laura has asked of me so far so I'm sure it will be ok.

  • Let Laura be your guide, if she says you are ready for the longer runs have faith in yourself. I know exactly what you are saying about running more slowly. When I did the 20 mins run in week 5 I ended up nearly moving forwards ;) . It's about building up stamina, so I have to forget about speed and concentrate on keeping moving. Good luck, you'll be fine :)

  • *barely moving forward*!

  • Thanks SlowWorm,

    I'm quite looking forward to the longer runs - hope I'm still saying that by this time next week!

  • Yes it is but it can actually be a good thing to leave the intervals behind and get into a real rhythm for your longer runs. Don't worry about slowing down - you are bound to go a bit more slowly when you're running for longer times and distances! I'd see it as a good thing as it means you're going slow and pacing yourself well. As the longer runs gradually start to increase and you consolidate the time your running the distance will increase. Keep going! Week 7-9 were the best weeks of the programme in my eyes. :)

  • Thanks Melly,

    As ever, a few hours after a successful run I'm (mentally) ready to go out again. I suppose that's the 'runner's high'!

    I'll wait until early on Saturday and see what I can do.

  • Oh yes now the fun begins. I didn't think I could do the longer runs but I did although I never worried about how far I went and I don't have a garmin to show me. Somehow I have now completed the 9 weeks but I am struggling to go out running at all. I was thinking of buying the forerunner 10 to try to motivate me again. Have fun

  • Hi - first of all, please don't get hung up on distance at this stage. Slow is good and the best way to make sure you cope well with the longer runs.

    You are right that this is the last of the walk breaks. From here on its all about consolidation and is the time when you really start to get into your stride.

    Good luck!

  • Nothing more I can add to all that great advice except enjoy the next couple of weeks running 😀🏃

  • "By now you know you can trust the programme to deliver! Don't even worry about distance at the moment, you just need to focus on running for the set amount of time" - what McFitty says, says it all :) Relax, enjoy and progress will occur :)

    I'd wish you luck, but you don't need it at this stage ;) Best wishes though :)

  • Thank you. I am enjoying it and there is no one that is more surprised than I am!

  • As others have said you are doing great. It's the extra time that counts. Don't worry about the speed. My speed is increasing naturally without trying. My time and distance is increasing also . Don't think too far ahead just to your next run. Regularly doing 5K+ increasing to 6K bit by bit. My aim to maintain my time and increase my time gradually till I eventually get to about 6K.

    I will consolidate or even stick with that for the foreseeable future. I'm only a few pounds above normal BMI and happy with my fitness and wellbeing physically and mentally and sense of achievement.

  • Thank you. You're right of course, I'm overthinking it!

  • Slow, slow, slow, slow slow.. ( no quick-quick in there) Just take it at your pace, whatever that is.. you are ready for it and you will do it!

    Think of Slow, as the new Fast! :) The time for speed and distance comes later, ( she said laughingly) :)

    Well done youx

  • I noticed the same .. and as we are about the same point there must be a reason :) wk6 day3 for me today, ran 20 walked 5 at start and about 6 at end and took longer to cover 3.16miles than when I was taking walk recovery breaks in between !! Go figure .. but hey, week 7 starts Sunday :)

  • I took my phone with an app out with me once, ended up disappointed and vowed not to do it again for a loooonnnng time :-D Just enjoy keeping going, if you are like lots of us you are running for longer than you ever thought possible :-) Happy running!

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