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Hi, so glad to come across c25k, both me and wife decided to go for it and despite the initial aches and pains there is always a feeling of elation as we complete each one. we are lucky with the present weather and as we are jogging on a cycle track that runs through a mountainside and woods I was lucky enough to see a adder move out of our path, glad the wife did not see it mind as she is petrified of snakes, hard to think that 5 minute runs are achievable at this point in time but we are determined to see it through, even had a dog walker tell us both to keep going as our faces was telling a tale on our last 90 second burst today! so glad to find this forum as well its brill, thanks


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  • What fun to start something like this together and it sounds as if you have a great running location. Keep each other motivated, stay cheerful and enjoy the outdoors. Best of luck !

  • Thanks henpen90, we are lucky to have the path to run on even though it takes 15 minutes to walk there ( pressing start 5 minutes before the beginning of the track is helping now though ) and I am sure that as the weeks progress it will be a godsend to have each others words of encouragement.

  • Welcome Aboard Lynn and Mrs Lynn !

    Well done on getting stuck into the programme , it is an amazing experience , and is truly life changing !

    Trust in the programme , it really works ! Great to hear youre both doing this together .

    Keep posting , it really helps with the motivation and in keeping you focused. This forum is full of lovely,supportive, friendly encouraging people . Best place on the internet for sure .

    Good Luck and keep going , youre doing great !

    All the very best to you xxx

  • Thank you so much poppypug your right as already we both feel so much better due to not coming home from work and sitting in front of Television remarking there's nothing on worth watching, now we are both looking forward to the challenge of each workout and knowing that others are going through the weeks with the same challenges of each one is helping a lot especially with the words of encouragement that come through on this forum. I will continue posting on here on our path to 5K as I am sure we will both experience different highs and possible lows along the way to our graduation. x

  • Welcome to the challenge! This forum is great, so use it to help you through the difficult bits .... and please share your successes.

    I saw a kingfisher on one of my early runs, and today I saw a cormorant catch a fish.

    It's a whole nuther world out there!

  • Hi 50notout, its great to be out in the countryside especially at this time of the year. it helping to run as I am looking around at the different birds and wildlife about, ( I would love to see a cormorant catch a fish ) Easter springwatch asked for viewers to keep an eye out for a orange tip butterfly, hawthorn flowering, seven spot ladybird , swallows and a oak leafing, its brill to look out for these things which I would not have been doing if it was not for c25k

  • Well congratulations to you both :) J

  • Thank you Jase44

  • Your welcome. I have started doing the C25k again with my wife and her friend as they wanted to see if they could do it. I remember doing it the first time and thinking I was going to die. But this time round I'm finding it breath takingly easy. What I mean to say is yes you will have ups and downs. When you do post on here and we will all help you through it. The same goes for when you have a high, we will all celebrate with you too. The forum is a fantastic place. We have all started as you have and some are even marathon runners now. So go on you can do it but enjoy it too :) J

  • Well done on getting started and glad you have the support of your other half.

  • Well done Lynne. I started with my partner but he can't fit it in anymore now the fairways are calling his name. It's a fantastic programme, Laura takes you through it gradually. Some runs do sound challenging but trust in Laura and you will do it.

    Good luck

  • Good luck to you both as you go through the programme. Keep us informed of your progress, that way you can follow others who are at the same stage in the programme. It helps to know you're not alone!

  • Sadly - I don't think we have or have had any "partner teams" doing C25K -- should be much more of it!!! What a great thing to share - on the contrary, I think that many/most? of us have "uninterested" partners in regard to running.

  • My husband and I started at the same time but running separately as I was scared of showing myself up. He picked me up after I took a tumble which knocked my confidence badly and since then we have always run together.

    It is so much nicer to have these achievements together!

    Good luck and welcome! πŸ˜€

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