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Cant start W4 R1 - frightened!!

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hi all, i've repeated w3 for the past two weeks, struggled with the last 3 min run and wanted to get it right in my head and slowed my pace.. i've now frightened myself by looking at whats required in W4 and cant quite bring myself to feel defeated with failing it and am stuck on W3 repeat... Help...!

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I vividly remember feeling aghast every time there was an increase in each stage.

Looking back, I now realise this was a GREAT sign Candy :)

While I only acknowledged the shock and horror of 'They want me to run HOW long next time? - I don't think so!" Underneath was the hunger to continue with the programme - I was already hooked on running and did not even realise it :)

If you did not care about continuing the programme you would not worry whatsoever about the expectations after all :)

And that is ALL the stages are -Expectations.

They are not 'YOU MUST DO THIS OR YOU ARE OUT, OUT, OUT!!! rules. Every Graduate here did it differently, we use the programme as the coathanger to hold our stuff together while we go out the door - but once out that door it is you and only you who decides how to run and how 'closely' to follow the programme.

The MOST important thing though, believe me (and read my earlier posts if you really think you will never have that Graduate Badge by your name :) ) is to just go out the Front Door and start running - the rest will come as it may depending on all sorts of variables individual to you :)

And remember this - we are all in it together around here :) You might run on your own, but you never run alone :) Take it slow, steady and keep it as stress free as you can and you too will run for thirty consecutive minutes before you know it - and then be like a lot of us who shimper that we cannot run 5K in ten minutes or something LOL :)

I do hope you stay and continue to run with us - slow and steady :)

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And the moral of the story is.... Don't look. Lol. Joking aside the programme is designed to work, so once you have completed one run you are I repeat you are ready to move on to the next. Good luck and you are doing great Candy656. 😀

Hi there, I'm at the same point as you, and did w4r1 yesterday. Like you, I was terrified of trying to run 5 minutes at a time, and that the walking segments are suddenly shorter. I knew what was coming so I slowed my pace WAYYYYY down (seriously I think my brisk walk may be faster!). It was a challenge, but the time went amazingly quick. I'm considered obese, and a month ago I'd never thought I could run for 16 minutes out of 30, but the way this programme is designed, I think it's doable. If I can do it, you can do it! 😊

What's the worst that can happen? You have to keep attempting it until you conquer it? That's what I'm going to do when I hit a stumbling block. Honestly, I think you'll really surprise yourself, and just think of how proud you'll be when you do achieve it! 😊 Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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I always think " they want me to run how much ? " .. but then I start and surprise myself .. on the basis that if I was to not complete a run without stopping then it's just a practice / rehearsal for the next time .. I'd rather complete it having worked hard than breezed through it .. far more satisfying .. you know you can do it ..

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You are ready for W4 don't think about just do it... you will be surprised at what you can achieve. Good luck.

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Hi candy656, I'm just pasting a copy of the post I put on for Sofargoner earlier. Week 3 was really exactly the same for me!

"If it's any consolation, here's how my week 3 went...

Run 1- practice. Run 2 - Practice. Run 3 success!

Run 4 - Practice. Run 5 - Success! Run 6 - success!

And then, because I was really worried about upping the length of time running and not confident of managing week 4, I re-did the whole week again. So, it took me over 3 weeks before I nailed it down. Was it gremlins, heavy legs, despondency? I think a mixture of everything. Heavy legs were (and are) my biggest bugbear though.

It WILL happen. Do not worry about the 'practice' runs - that's just what they are and they are still adding to your fitness (and your mental fortitude)."

One other thing, I know it sounds impossible (it did to me) but try and run even slower. Start of really, really slowly. Run with little steps rather than long strides and keep it as slow as you can. You can speed up (if you want to) at the end of the final running section. You will get there. It doesn't matter how many times you repeat a run until you manage it. Good luck! :)

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I've felt like this on most weeks but especially in those middle ones. I found just trying to trust that someone knows what they are doing with regards this stuff helps and just give it a go. To my amazement and with a bit of grit and determination on those extra minutes it worked!! Am now about to start week 9 after never having run before. I found that I do need to run in the early morning as its when I've got most energy (suffer from anaemia sometimes) so just tell yourself you CAN do it and take that next step...let us know how you get on :-)

You really can do it. I echo everything others have replied. Don't overthink it - just do it - trust in the program and you will succeed. If it feels tough slow down and if it still feels tough slow down a bit more. We're all with you - imagine us spurring you on. 😀

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Hi Candy

If you've completed the Week 3 runs, you are ready for Week 4. The programme wont throw anything at you that youre not capable of .

I would say go for it, you are bound to feel a bit nervous as its a new week and a further challenge , but just keep doing what you've been doing , its got you this far hasn't it ?

What happens if you don't manage to complete it ? You take it as a " Pratice Run " as named by our lovely Irish-John , and you give it another go when youre ready .

This is as much as a mental challenge as a physical one but perfectly do -able .

Come on Candy, you can do this, you really can ! :-) xxx

I think you should be very brave, go out there and try it. Physically you are probably ready for it but itvis the mental side of running that can be especially hard. Grit your teeth, you will get through it in order to tell us that you've done it :) I really scraped through some of my runs but I still went on to the next one and it all came right in the end.

I know how scary it seems w4 r1, I dreaded it and didn't think I could ever run for 5 minutes straight but I did on Monday and I know you can do it. You have completed w3 so now just trust in this amazing programme (like I am doing each day I step out the front door) and you will be able to do this. Good luck

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Go out and run. Every single week was hard for me, I never felt I conquered a run. But most of the time I could move on, with only a couple of repeats. You can do it. And if you have to repeat a run, might as well be on the new week so you can measure your progress. Let us know how it goes

Well everybody!! I only bloody did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊😊 thank you all for your comments, really appreciate you taking the time to send me encouragement. it was slow but by heck I did it without stopping!! Celebrating with a beer! 🍺

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Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to candy656

The hell with Beer, wish I was there to buy you a flagon of Champagne : )

Really really well done Candy, sounds like you just defeated a veritable Monster of a personal gremlin ☺

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RunningGeekGraduate in reply to candy656

Well done! That beer is well earned. Onwards and upwards. Happy running 🏃🏃

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Yay ! Well done Candy !

That is great, really pleased for you ! :-) xxx

in reply to poppypug

Well done! Don't you feel great now? It's a big step up, so you should be proud! 😊

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