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For those of you who replied to my last post 'still not up and running' just a quick update.

I've been back to the hospital (twice in the last 14 days both times I was there for 4+ hours!!)

After yet more xrays, blood tests, MRI scan, ECG and lots of prodding and poking they have decided to remove all the metalwork. I almost certainly have an infection that has attached itself to the plate they put in. The positives are that they have found no evidence of infection within the bones or any osteopenia (a lesser degree of osteoporosis) that they were worried about and my circulation within my leg/ankle/foot seems ok.

So sadly I'm still unable to do much more than walk (with a limp) and I have joined the waiting list for day surgery. :-(

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Sorry to hear that crazycat - sounds as though you are having a difficult time although there are some positives.

Sadly there is nothing for it but to be patient. The running will be here waiting for you when you are ready.

All good wishes x


Oh dear shug this is sad to hear and I am so,sorry that things are not progressing as you'd hoped.

My niece had infection from metalwork but it does get sorted so hopefully your medics are on the case and can soon have you on your feet again. Physio is going to be key in getting you back into your running shoes, and once this starts in earnest you will feel more upbeat about things

The injury couch can be a lonely depressing place so keep logging in and join in the chat. It will keep you sane.

Make sure your diet is tip top! Healing foods on the menu ☺


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