Update on slinky

Thought I'd put on an update on wife slinky's progress on c25k. Well, she's doing very well, albeit held back for a week with a nasty cold on the chest.

Went out with her yesterday on w7r3, and except for some coughing did well on the 25 min run, to the extent that when I asked her to up the pace slightly within the last 30 secs of the run if she could, to see what's left in the tank, she did! saying after, that on the next run she'd like to up the pace slightly. That's OK by me, but I reminded her again about the consequence's of going too fast. Her legs seem fine, and her £12.99 Lidl's neutral trainers appear fine, so we shall see how it goes.. I'm well proud of her..😊

Btw, she asked me why my face doesn't go bright red like hers after running. Which I answered. Maybe it's because your a newbie and down to all the huffing n puffing? mine probably did, never thought about it much! But isn't this a more common thing amongst women? Anyone got the answer on this? Answers on a postcard to points of view!😁


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  • I do believe that yes, ladies have a 'gentle glow' more than us chaps who either don't go red or go beetroot red. ;-).

  • I go very red even once I've gotten used to something. I once read that to cool the body down you either go red or sweat but I have no idea if this is the case in reality. Well done both 😊

  • I've always gone really red doing exercise, even a short brisk walk. But I've always been overweight so don't know if that's anything to do with it. I used to get embarrassed by it when I was at school, but I don't really care now. It makes it look like I've been working hard!

  • Well done slinky ☺ Week 7 done. Crikey that was quick. Time flies ☺ I think all of us go red on exertion, I know I do. Maybe you do too Dave. Go really flat out for a bit when next out with Slinky and get her to check

    Best wishes for week 8!

  • She is doing brilliantly.... well done!

    On the red face bit... I read that often a red face indicates superior fitness... no, seriously!

    All to do, with blood flow to the face and blood vessels! :)

  • There's nothing you can do about the red face unfortunately. It's just the luck of the draw, something to do with number of caoilleries close to the skin surface or something like that. It is just a sign of your body trying to cool down as you heat up during exercise.

  • Oops capilleries, nothing more extravagant. I have this problem too

  • Well done to Slinky. I find it less of a problem on longer runs actually - so probably run through it, but have learnt to look on it as a badge of honour.

  • My red face lasts for at least an hour, whatever I try to do to cool it down. It means I've yet to do a morning run before work.

  • Well done Slinky ! Aw shes doing fab , yay !

    I don't go red , oh no no, I go flippin ' purple ! Ribena Head, that's me :-)

    And its gone worse since Ive started going all hormonal, Pah, it drives me flippin' mad !

    I see it as a badge of honour, plus it scares all the undesirables away . Ha ha ! :-D xxx

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